8 Stylish Ways to Wear Our Sleepwear

Here at Bed Threads, our top priority is to help you achieve quality snooze every night and comfortable pajamas that are equally luxurious as a well-made bed (in linen, of course) is just as important to achieve this.  

The problem is, many of us are probably guilty of purchasing sleepwear without much consideration. For instance, is the cut perfect for you? What about the fabric? The fit? The versatility?

Finding the perfect pajamas can become quite a stressful task, which is where our extensive linen sleepwear range comes in. Available in a range of tranquil colors and cuts, our pajamas will last you years and don't even need to be reserved just for bedtime — they can be worn during the day. Outdoors. In public. Yes, really.

If you're looking to invest in some of our sleepwear, we've rounded up some stylish ways you can wear them. Whatever look you decide on, you're guaranteed supreme comfort.

You can shop our complete Sleepwear range here.

8 Stylish Ways to Wear Our Sleepwear

1. Lisa Danielle Smith's Wrap Around Long Sleeve Shirt in Rust

To reiterate above, our sleepwear range isn't just made for bedtime — and that especially rings true for our long sleeve shirt.

Here, digital content expert and creative consultant Lisa Danielle Smith, has stylishly wrapped her Long Sleeve Shirt in Rust around and fastened it from behind. Who would even know it's sleepwear? 

Shop our Long Sleeve Shirt in Rust here.


2. Eleanor Pendleton's Matching Robe and Midi Dress in Oatmeal

Our Midi Dress says you're sophisticated, elegant and stylish. It's designed with a calf-grazing hemline and two small splits on either side for comfort and ease of movement. 

For an extra layer of warmth, throw over our Classic Robe just like Founder of Gritty Pretty Eleanor Pendleton has done here, and you've got yourself a set you can wear around the house all day. 

Shop our Midi Dress and Classic Robe in Oatmeal here.


3. Olive Cooke's Robe and Pants in Pink Clay

If you're not a dress person, you can't look past our slouchy, oversized pants. The vibe is simple, the silhouette is pure relaxation, the linen is buttery soft, and when paired with our Classic Robe, you have yourself an effortless look. Just take inspiration from swimwear designer Olive Cooke, who proves why days at home can look (and feel) so good.

Shop our Classic Robe and Pants in Pink Clay here.


4. Lisa Danielle Smith's Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants in Pinstripe 

You simply cannot go wrong with a matching top and bottom and we can't get over our Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants in Pinstripe, which Lisa Danielle Smith has also styled here. It says you're organized and rational, and emanates a confident-calm wherever you go. 

Plus, you can also wear your Shirt and Pants separately for when you're not lounging around at home.

Shop our Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants in Pinstripe here.


5. Ali Whittle's Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants in White

If you want an ultra crisp look, you can't look past this set in white. 

Digital Creator Ali Whittle pairs her top with her matching pants for bed and her favorite denim during the day, admitting it "doesn't get more comfy and classic". 

Shop our Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants in White here.


6. Talisa Sutton's Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants in Oatmeal

If you're also obsessed with our Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants combo, Art Director and Designer Talisa Sutton shows you why you should consider getting it in Oatmeal. 

Shop our Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants in Oatmeal here.


7. Mel Carrero's Midi Dress in Rust and Robe in Oatmeal

Just when you thought that gorgeous Midi Dress or Robe wouldn't be seen by anyone besides yourself and other household members, Digital Creator Mel Carrero shows you that you can, in fact, flaunt your linen set outside. 

She's simply tied her robe around her waist and paired her entire look with simple black accessories. Chic and fabulous, if you ask us. 

Shop our Midi Dress in Rust here and Robe in Oatmeal here.


8. Olive Cooke's Mineral Long Sleeve Shirt

There's a lot to love about Mineral. This pared-back calming blue is the perfect blend of greys and refreshing sea tones. It evokes the tranquil beauty of a still ocean pool; organic, cleansing and ultra-fresh. Mineral is restful and serene, and neither too rich nor too icy. Mineral is just right.

"I can wear this from bed to breakfast and back again," Cooke says.

Shop our Long Sleeve Shirt in Mineral here.


You can shop our complete Sleepwear range here.

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