We Can't Get Enough of This Abandoned Spaces Instagram Account

It's true that we're always on the lookout for the next and the best in the world of interiors, but we recently stumbled upon an abandoned spaces Instagram account that we can't stop liking — and it's a far cry from the polished homes and bedrooms that would usually receive a double-tap from us.

Introducing you to photographer @romainthiery; we think he might just be the most re-grammed photographer of the season, thanks to his shots of beguiling, derelict spaces that feature — wait for it — an old, unused piano. It's captivating, to say the least.

Remembrances of times past

The French photographer has spent four years travelling Europe to capture atmospheric shots like the below, which is an original use for the platform usually reserved for lunch shots and selfies. (Guilty as charged.)


Grandeur and glory

From abandoned villas that hint at their former glory to homes that once boasted stunning opulence, Theiry's shots capture once-ornate spaces that are now shrouded in dust and blighted by decay. Their broken windows, rotting frames and accumulations of debris add to the intrigue, and hint to what they once would've been. Thiery captures the very essence of the buildings with his masterful shots which put the tired pianos centre-stage:


Chills or thrills?

The haunting nature of the buildings captured by Romain Thiery could give you more than a few chills but his eye for architecture will inspire you, too.

The shots are emotive, original and a little disquieting, and once you start scrolling through, it'll be hard to stop. (Trust us.)


Love this? Then you have to read all about the French Chateau being restored by an Australian couple.

Lead image courtesy of Instagram @romainthiery.

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