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The 6 Immune-Boosting Self-Care Rituals to Commit to in 2020

The year is 2020 and we're prioritising our own health and wellbeing above all else. It's not selfish, it's self-care. The term has been trending all year and we're excited that people are looking inward for answers to their mental and physical wellness and realising that superficial fixes (we're looking at you, Instagram) are just not sustainable in the long run. We've never been more connected as a society with so many social media outlets to express ourselves, but often it's the most simple things that bring us happiness and inner peace. If you're looking to restore some balance to your body, set some time aside to practise these easy immune-boosting self-care rituals for yourself.

Prioritise sleep

Sleep is always at the top of our list when we're feeling rundown or stressed. It's important to recognise whether you might be feeling tired because of a restless night and if it plays a part in your overall health. You really can't underestimate the power of restorative rest and its benefits on the body. During this time your body gets to work to literally repair itself from the inside with tissue growth and the release of hormones during the N3 stage of sleep. If you're not doing it already, set a sleep schedule yourself and stick to it. Move your phone away at least thirty minutes before bed and turn to your favourite book to help you drift off.

Breathing exercises

Everybody becomes stressed from time to time due to work responsibilities of personal factors. When that stress becomes a regular occurrence though, it can actually lead to structural and functional changes within the brain. From there, you can be more susceptible to physical and mental illness such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and depression. Deep breathing exercises are effective at calming the mind during times of stress and are necessary to stop yourself from burning out. There are a number of guided meditation apps if you're finding it hard to focus alone.


Studies show that practising yoga helps to activate your body's relaxation response. Like deep breathing exercises, yoga is an amazing tool for restoring clarity and calm to your mind, especially in times of anxiety or stress. Yoga also improves cardiovascular health and increases strength, flexibility, and concentration. You might even find that after a session of yoga you fall asleep faster and are able to achieve a more quality slumber.

Green tea

The health benefits of green tea have been widely known for centuries now. Many of us, however, are not taking advantage of the documented advantages of a hot cup or two. From boosting your antioxidant levels to decreasing the risk of heart disease, it might be time to switch out your mid-morning coffee for the green stuff.

Tongue scraping

When it comes to our overall personal hygiene, oral health is an important piece of the puzzle. Bacteria that build up on the surface of the tongue can cause bad breath and even tooth decay which can compromise your immune system. You can use your toothbrush, but you'll only be able to remove about 45% compared to a dedicated tongue scraper that's able to remove around 75% of bacteria from the tongue. With prolonged use, you might even save yourself a few trips to the dentist.

Eucalyptus shower

If you're feeling congested or blocked up, this is a helpful shower hack to help you recover quickly. If you've got some eucalyptus oil handy, try placing a few drops on the shower floor during your shower which will create your very own aromatherapy experience. Inhale deeply and let the hot water and fragrant oil wash over you.

For a clean and healthy 2020, these are the items in your home you need to throw out.

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