Your Picnic Packing List: Here's Exactly What to Bring for the Perfect Day Out

Picnic season is here and we're all feeling extra excited about being allowed to sit outside for convivial gatherings with friends and family. Whether you're at the beach or a park and you're armed with all the right equipment a picnic can truly be one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your time outdoors in the warmer months. But what do you actually need in your picnic arsenal?

Below, we have curated the ultimate list of everything you need to bring with you to make your picnic a successful and stylish affair with expert tips from stylist Jackie Brown who created the dreamy alfresco settings pictured. "Preparation is key! Start from the ground and work your way up," says Jackie.

And don't forget: Whatever gets brought to your picnic area of choice either gets put in the rubbish or comes home with you.

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7 Essential Things to Bring to a Picnic

1. Food and drinks

The easiest way to ensure the good times keep rolling by ensuring you have a decent amount of food and drinks. Consider foods that are easy to prepare and share like a beautifully curated cheeseboard. Find a few of our favourite easy entertaining recipes that you can bring along with you, here.

2. Picnic basket

There's something so fantastic about the process of packing a picnic basket with all your goods. Having a decent-sized basket to carry your precious cargo in is a necessity and if you find one that's stylish as well it makes for a cute decor item on the day. If you've scouted a location which requires a bush-walk or plan to hop to different locations you may need to consider a picnic backpack instead.

3. Picnic blanket

A true essential for any good picnic, a blanket will protect you from dirt and sand and offer a more comfortable place to sit and kneel. Our beautiful linen throws make for the perfect picnic blankets and are available in a wide range of shades to suit any style or picnic theme you choose. "If the ground is damp, it’s worth popping a plastic liner or tarp underneath," suggests Jackie. "Style with euro cushions for the ultimate lounging experience."

4. Portable picnic table

A picnic table is great for outdoor food prep and serving refreshments Jackie recommends investing in some portable picnic tables like the Stanley Rogers ones she used. "You can set them up in different configurations depending on how many guests you have. Not only will this help elevate the aesthetic of your picnic by adding layers of height, it will also elevate your food and keep it out of the way of uninvited crawling guests!"

3. Plates, glasses, and utensils

Make sure you have enough cutlery for every guest and and stick to non-disposable plates, cups, utensils, and paper napkins - There's no need to create extra waste. 

"Think about the servingware the same way you would if you were hosting a dinner party at home," says Jackie. For those who want to create the ultimate picnic display, consider using a Dinosaur Design platter and Bittossi plates for serving food. "Bring bowls and vessels and platters in different shapes and sizes to add interest to the picnic tablescape." 

If you aren't using a table table consider wine glass holders that can be stuck into the ground. A blanket on grass or sand doesn’t typically provide the best surface for cutting foods like bread, so it’s a good idea to have a wooden cutting board on hand - It can also double up as an extra serving platter. And don't forget a bottle opener!

4. Napkins, wipes, and sanitiser

Things can get messy quickly at picnics so it’s a well worth ensuring you have napkins and wipes on hand. Our stylish range of 100% French flax linen classic and scolloped napkins make for the perfect picnic companions and will elevate any spread. 

Also, given the current climate, it’s best to always have sanitiser in your kit especially when everyone is sharing food.

5. Flowers

If you want to create a stand-out display, Jackie suggests adding some flowers to your set-up. "Don’t go too high with your florals, keep them loose and low-lying so you can all still talk over the table." 

6. Esky and ice

Not the prettiest item, but definitely a necessity. Nothing will disappointment you more than rocking up to your picnic area of choice only to serve up a warm salad or pop a room temperature bottle of champagne. You will thank yourself if you bring along an esky with plenty of ice in it.

7. Sun protection

As nice as it is to be spending hours in the glorious sunshine, we can’t deny the fact that Australia’s sun is very harsh. Bring some sunscreen and a hat with you and if you're feeling extra cautious, a beach umbrella. 

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