Tips and tricks for the ultimate al fresco spread.

| By Rachael Thompson | Entertainment

Your Picnic Packing List: Here's Exactly What to Bring for the Perfect Day Out

Tips and tricks for the ultimate al fresco spread.

Whether you're at the beach or a park, a picnic can truly be one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your time outdoors in the warmer months. But what do you actually need in your picnic arsenal to make it a successful affair?

Below, we have curated the ultimate list of everything you need to bring with you to make your picnic a successful and stylish affair with expert tips from stylist Jackie Brown who created the dreamy alfresco settings pictured. "Preparation is key! Start from the ground and work your way up," says Jackie.

And don't forget: Whatever gets brought to your picnic area of choice either gets put in the rubbish or comes home with you.

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