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What You Need to Know About Your Rising Sign

While you might be familiar with your star and moon sign, your rising placement might shed more light on the complexities of your personality, and give you a fuller understanding yourself. 

Your rising sign, also called your ‘ascendant’, is the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon when you were born. It’s important because it typically reflects the way in which others see you, along with your attitude and how tend to come across. For example, Capricorns tend to be more reserved, however one with a Leo rising will be more extroverted than their peers born under the same sign. 

Calculating your rising sign can be a little tricky, as you’ll need to know your time and place of birth. Rising signs change every two hours, so the more accurate you can be, the better. Once you have your birth time, use a calculator, such as this one, to reveal your rising sign.

Once you have, here's some preliminary information on yours. 


Aries is the first sign is commonly described as the most stubborn of the signs.

While they can be a little confronting, you never have to guess where you stand with the straight-shooting Aries, as they’ll tell you exactly what they need and when.

At their best, Aries are aspiring and trailblazing, wanting to make a difference in both work and in play. At their worst, they can be pushy, especially if they’re not getting their own way. Their passion and enthusiasm, however, make them a force to be reckoned with, which means, you’ll know who they are when they step into a room.


A born creator, Taurus rising like to make beautiful things with their hands, seeing the world around them as a canvas for creativity.

They’re resistant to change and difficult to sway, commonly described as being cautious and careful when making decisions. Because of this, they’re not very flexible, especially when it comes to a shift in plans, which is another example of their single-mindedness.

As a lover, they’re incredibly loyal, and as a shopper they’re incredibly expensive, as they enjoy high-quality material possessions in which they place significant value on.


The social butterfly of the rising signs, Gemini ascendants can be a little scattered as they flit from one conversation to the next.

At their best, they’re born networkers, talking to anyone and everyone in a room. Keen to expand their horizons, they’re also curious about the world around them, mingling with those that can help educate them on the world around them.

Because of this, they love intellectual debates and deep and meaningful conversations exchanging knowledge, goals and ideas, explaining everything from their personality and behaviour to their vision for the future. In a relationship, they seek personal freedom so that there is space for them to move and grow.


A far cry from the Gemini, a Cancer ascendant is protective, shy in unfamiliar situations, and can be described as kind and emotionally attuned.

They like structure and stability in a relationship, keeping their guard up in order to protect themselves from being hurt. They express a desire to be supported, as they’re gentle creatures, they’re also known to withdraw from any potential danger.

At their best, Cancer risings are caring, and ensure you feel comfortable at all times when around them.


Leo ascendants like to be seen and heard, finding it hard not to be the centre of attention.

This, however, is not a bad thing as they can be excellent managers and promoters of you, and your team, in the workplace. They’re incredibly generous and loving, boasting a radiant warmth like no other, with a focus on their personal appearance (and the way in which they interact). They are known to make reactive decisions, throw tantrums or kick and stomp if they don’t get their way, but generally speaking, they’re not unreasonable once you talk through “why” that’s not the case.


Highly-organised and detail-oriented, Virgo ascendants boast the most patience.

An incredibly intelligent sign, they like to analyse a situation before engaging with it, whether this be conversations or situations. Unlike the Leo, they’re understated in their approach, shying away from bold brands so they’re more likely to blend in.

They’ve very interested in their mental and physical health and are usually attracted to partners they can “help or fix”. Because of this, they tend to get into very confusing relationships with people that might not want what they do.


With charm for days, Libra ascendants attract people effortlessly. Because of this ability, they don’t know what it’s like to be alone, using their gentle and easygoing approach to steer clear of singledom.

They’re also rarely in hot water, as they can smooth things over with their charismatic and persuasive nature. But don’t expect a hard sell from this sign; they’re more likely to gently coax you into agreement than anything else.


If you’re a Scorpio rising, you’ll know it.

Radiating intensity, Scorpio ascendants don’t get pushed around (which also means, they’re highly respected).

Scorpios keep sincere people close to their hearts, but can see through superficial friends or family.  When they’re in a relationship, they’re 100% committed – attracted to those that are down-to-earth, honest souls who know what they want (no flighty partners here!)


The sign of optimism, Sagittarius ascendants love adventure and trying new things (and not being in the mood is never an excuse). Incredibly active, this sign can get restless if they’re not moving fast, which means they get lots done in short periods of time.

Because of this, they can come across overly-confident, which is an acquired taste. If they believe in something, they’ll fight for it, to the point of being quite direct. The upside? They don’t offend as they’re too likeable to do so.


The most responsible of the zodiac, Capricorn ascendants are seen as the most dependent. They have an unmistakeable seriousness and sarcastic sense of humour, which means, they can be difficult to read at times.

They crave success, and are incredibly motivated to achieve, which sees them working harder than their peers. This sign is full of success stories because of Capricorn’s desire to create an abundant future for themselves, and their families.


Recognised for their innovative thinking, Aquarius ascendants are independent and original (and want to make sure you know that).

They generally get along with everyone, making sure that those around them feel liked and respected for their likeness and differences. Because of this, people around them commonly ask for advice, as they’re the savvier of the signs, and take on feedback from their wise peers. They’re always open to new ideas, but if you push back on something they’re determined to achieve, you’ll meet their stubborn streak.


The dreamer of the zodiac, Pisces ascendants are soft-hearted, hopeless romantics, who move in a dream-like state. They avoid hard facts, preferring to live in a world of “what ifs” to get them by.

They commonly go with the flow, moving passionately with those who share their meaning of life. 

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