This Is Where You Should Live, According to Your Star Sign

If you’ve been thinking of a sea changeor a tree change, or just a change, full stop – it might be a good idea to consult your zodiac chart. Your star sign is an indicator of your personality, and therefore a good suggestion on where you might be happiest. Is that a big bustling city? Is that a small country town? Is that a coastal paradise? Your star sign could hold the answers.

Here are our suggestions of where you should live, according to your star sign.

Where you should live in Australia according to your star sign

Cancer: Byron Bay, NSW

Cancers are sensitive, big-hearted home bodies who love their creature comforts and, as an emotional water sign, feels happiest by the ocean. Where else should they live, then, than Byron Bay – or in the surrounding hinterland – a cosy and comforting idyll full of beautiful homes to bunker down in and miles of coastland when you’re ready to fling yourself into the sea. A cancer could really get comfortable around here. 


Leo: Gold Coast, QLD

Bold, unique, creative and just a tiny, tiny bit vain, Leos thrive in a lush and luxe environment. In other words, the Gold Coast. This shiny city is made for people who want to stand out and be seen, whether it’s having cocktails and share platters by the ocean or shopping up a storm. The Gold Coast is a place where Leos can thrive, indulging in all their most extravagant tendencies while still feeling grounded in the hustle and bustle of a coastal city.


Virgo: Adelaide, SA

Recently voted the most liveable city in Australia, a Virgo will love living in Adelaide. The city’s sensible planning will appeal to the star sign’s grounded nature. Plus, there’s plenty of travel opportunities around the city to stoke the fires of a Virgo’s sense of adventure. Adelaide is the whole package, and once a Virgo moves there, they won’t want to leave.


Libra: Sydney, NSW

Extroverted and introverted, craving company but hating being overwhelmed, loves aesthetics but hates to make a decision... Libras, you belong in Sydney. This gorgeous city was made for Libras: big enough to offer plenty of choice for whenever the different sides of a Libra’s personality comes out and full of people to continuously provide Libras with the community they love.


Scorpio: Tasmania

Scorpios are private and passionate people, which means they will thrive when living in Tasmania. The beautiful Apple Isle is full of space and adventure, something that Scorpios crave. They can settle in Hobart, with its growing artistic community and fantastic food and wines, or they can venture further afield and get a property out in the Tasmanian bush where they can really set down some roots.


Sagittarius: Darwin, NT

A natural born explorer, a Sagittarius is often someone who will move from city to city, and country to country, many times in their lives. If you are a Sagittarius who is craving a lifestyle change right now, why not move to the top end of Australia? Darwin is becoming a popular choice for those looking to relocate around Australia, a really liveable city that also puts you within weekend adventure distance of some of the most exciting national parks in Australia. Sagittariuses are always looking for their next big trip, and Darwin could be a great place to base yourself.


Capricorn: Daylesford, VIC

Sensible and practical, Capricorns are a grounded earth sign that loves to be organised. Nobody is better suited to small town living, then, than a Capricorn, especially in a small town such as Daylesford in Victoria, where the food and wine is great, the community is tight knit and the living is cosy, down-to-earth and comfortable.


Aquarius: Bellingen, NSW

Rebellious and eccentric, an Aquarius should look to make their home in a city where art thrives and free-spirits roam. A place like Bellingen, for example, on the New South Wales’ northern coast, which has been proving popular with young artists wanting to move out of Sydney or away from Byron Bay. Bellingen has a bustling artistic community and is in tune with the natural world around it, which makes it perfect for the unique and individual Aquarius temperament.


Pisces: Lorne, VIC

About two hours south of Melbourne, this coastal spot is the gateway to the Great Ocean Road. For dreamy and romantic Pisces signs, then, this gorgeous town is the perfect place to live. Close to the water, which fuels them, as well as offering plenty of beautiful nature to explore, Lorne is a wonderful home base for a Pisces looking for their forever home.


Aries: Melbourne, VIC

You need plenty of fire in your life when you’re an Aries sign, and there’s no city with as much going on in Australia than Melbourne. From the bustling comedy and live theatre scene, to all that great footy, to the coffee, beer and restaurant scene, Melbourne is a city that really knows how to live. And for an Aries, there’s nothing more exciting than that.


Taurus: Mudgee, NSW

Routine-loving and warm-hearted Taurus signs need to live in a country town. There are plenty of great options around Australia, and one is Mudgee, the wine region in regional New South Wales that has some of the best produce in the state. As natural homebodies, Tauruses will love snuggling up in the winter months with a bottle of local wine.


Gemini: Perth, WA

Breezy, buzzing and full of personality, a Gemini needs to live in a city where there’s opportunity for a great social life and career. Like Perth, for example, which might be the most isolated city in Australia, but is known for its beauty, its grace and its close community. Geminis will love the laid back nature of the city while still being able to keep their social calendar full. 


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