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Color Astrology Is a Simple Way to Manifest Positivity Into Your Life — Here’s How It Works

If you’re even the slightest bit intrigued by astrology, you know there’s a lot more to it than just star signs, Mercury retrograde and full Moons. It expands into Duplicates (fire, water, earth and air), Moon and Rising Signs, and Modalities (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable). By delving into each one of these layers, you’re able to find out more about yourself — how you express your energy, react to circumstances, navigate through life, what the future holds for you, your compatibility with others and so forth.

Now, another element to add to your list that can help bring you closer to fulfilment is colour astrology.

What is colour astrology?

Colour astrology is a personalised way to work with chromotherapy (also known as colour therapy) with the latter referring to the pseudoscience that uses colours to adjust body vibrations to frequencies, which result in health and harmony.

When a colour astrologer looks at someone’s birth chart, they determine which colours and their meanings a person may work with to heal, progress into their life’s purpose and navigate through challenges.

It’s nothing new, though — the practice has long being a component of Vedic astrology, which originates from India. According to Vedic astrology, colours are assigned to the navgrahas (nine planets) in the horoscope, which are said to govern the entire life of an individual from birth till death and beyond. These planets are also reflectors of rays of different hues, and each zodiac sign is ruled by a different planet. This means each zodiac sign has its own lucky colour and ratna (gemstone) as well as unfavourable colours. The appropriate use of colours in accordance with the planets increases the aura of an individual, enhancing its power and purpose.

The question is, how do you know what colours will benefit you? There is no one specific meaning associated with each hue in colour therapy. Instead, an astrologist can evaluate your meaning by looking at your natal birth chart and all the different planetary placements. But generally speaking, in Vedic astrology, it can be broken down into both days of the week and zodiac signs. 

How to use colour astrology, according to days of the week


This is the day of the Sun, which is the planet of ego, empathy, health, energy and bravery. Wearing clothes in bright yellow, light red and orange will help manifest these qualities.


This is the day of the Moon, which is the significator of respect, sleep, happiness, power and wealth. It is advised to wear white, light blue and silver.


This is the day of Mars, which is the significator of bravery, power and competition. It is advised to wear red or orange coloured clothes.


This is the day of Mercury, which is the significator of intelligence, eloquence and logical reasoning. Wearing green clothes will help manifest these qualities.


This is the day of Jupiter, which signifies wisdom, intelligence, wealth and teaching. It is advised you wear yellow clothes on this day.


This is the day of Venus, which is the significator of relationships, love and luxury. To benefit from these colours, it is advised you wear pink, off-white and white coloured clothes.


This is the day of Saturn, which signifies age, diseases and cruelty. Wearing clothes of black and navy colour will help avoid all these effects of the planet.

How to use colour astrology, according to your zodiac sign

As mentioned above, each zodiac sign is ruled by a different planet, which means they all have different favourable and unfavourable colours. Here’s a general breakdown of each:


Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, so red and dark red are considered lucky colours for this sign. White and yellow are also appropriate for Arians.

Colours to avoid: Blue, green and black.


Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, and profitable colours for this sign include pink, white and green. 

Colours to avoid: Yellow and red.


Ruled by mercury, the auspicious colours for Gemini include light yellow, green, pink and white. 

Colours to avoid: Blue and red.


The Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, so white, red and yellow are considered favourable. 

Colours to avoid: Blue and green.


The Sun is the ruling planet of Leo, so yellow, orange and golden hues are considered fruitful. 

Colours to avoid: Blue and white.


Ruled by Mercury, colours profitable for Virgos include green, light yellow and white. 

Colours to avoid: Red.


Venus is the ruling planet of this sign, and colours believed to be lucky for Libra are white and light blue.

Colours to avoid: Red.


Ruled by Mars, those under the Scorpio sign should implement white, reds and browns into their life. 

Colours to avoid: Blue and green.


Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius, so dark yellow, orange, creams and green hues are all considered lucky. 

Colours to avoid: Blue.


Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns should favour khaki, black, purple, dark brown and dark green. 

Colours to avoid: Red and yellow. 


This sign is ruled by Saturn. Light blue, purple and white are considered auspicious colours for Aquarians. 

Colours to avoid: Dark blue and green.


Ruled by Jupiter, yellow, orange and pink are considered lucky for those born under the Pisces sign. 

Colours to avoid: Black.

Want to know how to implement chromotherapy into your life more? Here are 4 mood-boosting ways to use colour therapy to style your home.

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