They’re groovy, baby.

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10 Retro-Inspired Homes That Embrace the 1970s Design Trend

They’re groovy, baby.

With warm earthy colors and contrasting textures taking over our spaces, it’s safe to say that we’re welcoming back the '70s with open arms. No, we’re not talking fluorescent orange fixtures and bright high pile carpets (although that doesn’t sound too bad if executed correctly), we’re talking about the laidback, refined, comfortable cool vibes that came with this iconic styling era.

Giampiero Tagliaferri, principal of Studio Tagliaferri and former creative director of Oliver Peoples says “the 1970s are definitely on-trend in design” and that’s certainly starting to become more noticeable when looking at how homes around the world are styled today.

In recent years we’ve started to see more 1970s interior design elements making their way back into our homes. There’s been a huge resurgence of interest in popular designer items with Mario Bellini’s ‘Camaleonda’, Michel Ducaroy’s ‘Togo’, and Vico Magistretti’s ‘Maralunga’ sofas attracting year-long waitlists to get these sought-after pieces in your home.

“The '70s were, in a way, quite restrained in color palette and material usage, in comparison with the decades before and after them. Lots of browns and warm tones, natural and raw materials like wood and exposed concrete, paired with bold geometry and patterns” Daniel Rauchwerger, of BoND says, which is exactly how many people have started to approach styling their homes. Gorgeous rattan pieces and stunning vintage sideboards are all the rage in homes (and always have been), however, we’re starting to see these pieces tied in with more ’70s-style elements that are bringing this design trend to life.

We’ve put together our favourite ’70s-inspired homes from our The Makers series, all of which pay homage to this iconic era. Here you’ll find relaxed environments with an immediate comfortable feel. If this is the look you’re trying to achieve in your own home or even just like to admire from afar, keep reading to treat your eyes to a ’70s-inspired interior styling delight.

’70s-Inspired Homes

1. Scarlett Stevens’ Freemantle Home

When San Cisco Drummer Scarlett Stevens invited us into her Freemantle home it’s safe to say we fell in love immediately. A large velvet sofa sits in front of a seriously impressive wall-mounted mid-century shelf in her music studio. Scarlett balances the moody natural tones of the glossy teak wood with bright green plants and a kaleidoscopic glassware collection which you’ll find next to her vintage dining room table. The space feels like an extension of her undeniably cool vibe and acts as a chill sanctuary for when she’s not on the road or performing.

Take a tour of the home.

2. Simone Haag’s Angler’s Shack on Phillip Island

Simone Haag’s Angler’s Shack on Phillip Island is a cool blend of California and Arizona paradise. There’s a huge focus on natural materials and textures in her space, with careful attention to detail applied in each room. Simone collected furniture over the years with many pieces nodding to that 1970s aesthetic. This home tour shows 1970s interior styling in a more laid-back light – which is absolutely to die for.

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3. Tamara Watts’ Retro Gem in Brunswick

Tamara Watts’ home really is an ode to the 70s – and in the best way possible. Tamara moved into this retro Brunswick gem with her partner and has been in love with the space ever since. The home is adorned with natural earth-toned furniture, artworks and ceramics which contrast beautifully with her collection of healthy plants. This endearing space screams ’70s from the inside out, what more could you expect from the founder of Retro Print Revival?

Take a tour of the home.

4. Jessica Bellef’s Eclectic ’70s Inspired Sydney Home

Step inside interior stylist Jessica Bellef's Sydney Home which was built in 1976. The home came with gorgeous dark timber panelling which lines a feature wall on the second floor of the house. The lower level has sheer beige floor-to-ceiling curtains that envelop her gorgeous living room set up where a red velvet couch is the star of the show. The home is adorned with gorgeous tchotchkes that complement the furniture in the space. We absolutely love Jessica’s modern take on a timeless style in this historical landmark of a home.

Take a tour of the home.

5. Olive Cooke’s Lennox Head Paradise

When most people think of ’70s interiors their minds travel to vibrant wallpapers and high-pile shag rugs, but Olive Cooke’s ’70s-inspired home couldn’t be further from that. For this Lennox Head abode, a mid century modern aesthetic was the design inspiration with plenty of natural materials – dark timber, pale marble tiles, and soft furnishings in shades of mustard and clotted cream. This home is a stunning example of modern minimalism with a 1970s twist.

Take a tour of the home.

6. Kayleigh Heydon’s ’70s Inspired Brunswick Home

If you’re a fan of bold color combos and unconventional shapes, prepare to devour the work and gorgeous home of UK-born, Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist Kayleigh Heydon. From the hard wooden floors to the painted white brick walls Kayleigh’s home is both nostalgic and contemporary. Doubling as her studio space, her home is bursting with beautiful artwork and gorgeous ceramic pieces. Kayleigh’s home nods to the ’70s with timber-slatted walls, teak furniture and earth-toned textures.

Take a tour of the home.

7. Charlotte Swiden’s Mornington Peninsula Abode

Charlotte Swiden’s Mornington Peninsula Home is a perfect example of curated '70s style. The house itself is the perfect blank canvas for beautiful vintage pieces, along with acting as a personal gallery for her earth-toned geometric paintings. The furniture in Charlotte’s home is predominantly wooden, however, this doesn’t darken the space as it’s flooded with natural light, which also makes it a beautiful environment for her houseplants to thrive in.
Take a tour of the home.

8. Allie Cameron’s Slice of Nostalgia

Allie Cameron’s 1960s home in Torquay looks like it's straight out of Puberty Blues – and we mean that in the best way possible. This stunning mid-century home is a feast for the eyes, from the kaleidoscopic green and yellow tiles in the kitchen to the teak wood panelling you’ll find enveloping the entire living room, every single aspect screams retro yet refined. Allie has filled her home with pieces reminiscent of the era that the house was built in. With wooden furniture complimenting the shade of the walls and beige and brown sofas to tie in with the earth-toned palette.

Take a tour of the home.

9. Jasmin Meier’s ’70s Take on a Modern Space

If you’re not lucky enough to live in an original ’70s home, take some styling cues from Jasmin Meier. The retro flair that emanates from the artist’s richly textured abode is all thanks to its furnishings. The dining space features vintage cane furniture in the form of chairs, bar stools, and woven plant pots, while in the living room stunning burgundy and avocado green couches sit on top of a burnt orange and beige Aztec patterned rug. This home is a perfect example of how you can bring ’70s style interiors into a more modern space.

Take a tour of the home.

10. Poppy Lissiman’s Vintage Lover's Dream

The home of Poppy Lissiman certainly is a vintage lover's dream. A terrazzo coffee table, Cesca dining chairs, an art deco sideboard, and a stunning arched cane bedhead all can be found in this bright Queens Park home. The house wasn’t always a retro paradise, but Poppy and her partner had a vision and made their dream home a reality. If you’re looking to revamp the space you’re currently living in, this article may be the perfect push of inspiration you need to get you there.

Take a tour of the home.

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