#7 will make you squirm.

| By Rory Carter | Interiors

9 Surprising Items You Should Never Have In Your Bathroom

#7 will make you squirm.

The bathroom is a zone of the home that can be hard to keep hygienic, let alone stylish. Luckily our range of bath essentials can help with that. But before you add to your bathroom with luxurious new items, it's important to clear out the old.

We've previously shared some helpful decorating tips for those of us who aren't currently blessed with a palatial ensuite, so now we're sharing the household items you should probably consider removing from your bathroom.

Your bathroom, no matter how small, shouldn't become a dumping ground for expired skincare and allergy medicines. Instead, the goal is to maintain the space as a clean and healthy room in the house that exudes calm and not chaos. If you've got any of the following items in your bathroom, consider a good detox.

1. Your phone

First of all, electronic devices in the bathroom are never the best idea. Even if your phone is water-resistant, it's not worth the risk.

Also, making a habit of keeping your bathrooms as tech-free zones is a nice way to indulge in a warm bath and your skincare routine without having to be distracted by notifications and what everyone's doing on Insta.

2. Medicine

It seems like a logical place to keep your prescription medication and vitamins, but you'd actually be better of moving them to the kitchen drawers.

When the package says to store in a cool, dry place it definitely isn't referring to your humid, temperature-fluctuating bathroom. Always read the labels when it comes to these items and make sure you follow the directions to ensure their effectiveness.

3. Towels

OK, before we go any further, it is totally fine to keep towels in the bathroom. In fact, they are a perfect decor item that can instantly update your space. However, the problem occurs when you have day-old towels that are damp and producing a stale aroma.

To avoid this problem, ensure you're washing your towels regularly, don't hang them on top of each other and if possible, opt for absorbent, quick-drying ones like our 100% linen towels.

4. Razors

Have you ever opened your bathroom drawer in preparation to use a razor only to find that the tip is rusty?

Just like most of the items on this list, they don't do their best work in a damp, humid environment which shortens their life dramatically. They'll last longer somewhere cool and dry.

5. Jewellery

Humid conditions can cause some metals used to make jewellery tarnish over time and may require more frequent cleaning because of the high temperatures in your bathroom.

The best place for your beloved jewellery is in a box in your bedroom.

6. Books and magazines

Some people like to keep a stack of books and magazines on hand for those nights when a long bath, a glass of wine and a good read is just what the doctor ordered.

If you're not too precious about your reading material, by all means, keep your books in the bathroom. But if you want to keep your pages in tip-top shape, move them to a shelf in the hallway and bring them into your bathroom only when needed.

7. Toothbrush

There's been a lot of conversation about how far from the toilet is safe for keeping a toothbrush. Our answer? Take it out of the room or store it in your vanity cupboard.

Why? Bacteria released from the toilet combined with heat and moisture is an ideal situation for germs to multiply. Take the extra 30 seconds to fetch your toothbrush from a cool, dry place before brushing and save yourself the paranoia.

8. Robe

Your robe is practically a wearable towel, that's why we love our own pure linen options so much. But, like towels, your favourite robe is susceptible to that unpleasant musty aroma and dreaded dampness from hanging around the bathroom for too long.

Leave it in your wardrobe after every wear so that it's nice and fresh every time you slip into it.

9. Fragrances

Fluctuations in light and temperature may cause your favourite fragrances to change smell over time.

So, instead of keeping your signature scent on the bathroom counter, place it on a tray with your jewellery on your dresser or in your wardrobe with your other daily essentials.

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