7 Warm Linen Color Combinations to Try This Fall

The arrival of a new season brings with it an exciting opportunity to switch up your decor, and unsurprisingly, one our favourite ways to do so is by introducing a lovely new linen color combination to your bedroom scheme. 

It might be the start of shorter and colder days, but many people love fall for the changing colors of leaves and how it swathes cities in spectacular warm hues. We like to embrace these delicious tones in our linen choices with earthy, rich, and toasty shades but we also like to experiment with some of our cooler shades to keep things fresh.

What might seem surprising, is that linen bedding is also a great choice for keeping you warm in the cooler months. It has built-in climate control which makes it great at creating a comfortable and cozy bed all year round. It’s all down to the fibres, which are longer than cotton and therefore create a looser weave within the fabric and make it better at absorbing moisture (20 per cent more, in fact). It's very good at naturally regulating body temperature - great news for anyone who gets really hot or cold at night, too.

Below, we have curated a selection of linen color combinations for you to try out this fall to help you celebrate this beautiful season. 

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7 Warm Linen Color Combinations to Try This Fall

1. Oatmeal and Terracotta

For those who would like to keep things on the minimalist side but also want to embrace stereotypical autumn shades, the Oatmeal and Terracotta pairing could be the way to go. Together, these warm, neutral tones add a soothing, natural look that will keep visual noise down and won't overpower your bedroom's decor.

2. Turmeric and Stripe

A sure-fire way to bring a cheery ambience to your bedroom is by utilising our Turmeric bed linen. Yellow is a shade you don't typically see in interiors, but it's one we love and one that definitely nods to a fall color scheme. Our Turmeric linen brings a rich and luscious aesthetic to a bedroom and when paired with Stripe creates a striking yet timeless look.

 3. Rust and Sage

Orange is perhaps the color we associate most heavily with autumn, and the pumpkin-toned shade of our Rust sheets celebrates this so well. This warm hue is elegantly offset by the cooler tone of Sage and together they perfectly encapsulate the colors of turning leaves. 

4. Olive Stripe, Mineral, and Sage

If there's an autumnal color we love to look to other than the strictly warm tones, it's olive green. Olive Stripe is a a colorway that combines the deep green hue you already know and love with a slim, vertical Oatmeal stripe. Here, we have paired it with Mineral and Sage for a look that's calming and ultra-fresh.

 5. Stripe and White

The cooler months don't mean things need to look stuffy, and opting for lighter-toned shades is a great way to keep things fresh and bright. An elevated take on a classic print, Stripe sheets will give you the chic, elegant space of your dreams and when paired with the creamy White linen it will create a look that's nothing short of decadent.

6. Pink Clay and Turmeric

Pink Clay is a rich, luxurious color that has the soft sweetness of pink, grounded with burnt oranges and ochres. It looks wonderful when paired with Turmeric which brings a vibrant pop to the scheme. It's a welcoming and playful color combination that brings toasty vibes to a space. 

7. Charcoal and Pinstripe

While autumn is typically associated with warm tones, those who like to keep things monochrome and simple should look to this classic combination. Charcoal and Pinstripe are the ultimate chic color combination that boasts a timeless appeal that will transition perfectly into the winter months.

Shop all the above color combinations with our fully-customizable Build Your Own Bundle function.

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