Create a Calming Space With These 9 Green Decor Items

There’s no denying the color green can help promote a sense of rest, refreshment, peace, and security. Why else do you think people are invited to wait in a “green room” before performances or many doctors paint their offices green to put their patients at ease?

Color theorists identify green with renewal, nature, and harmony, simply because it has strong associations with lush nature. So, what better way to implement these feelings into your life than by decorating your home with green elements? This doesn't mean every nook and cranny in your humble abode needs to be in this stress-free hue — it's all about subtly incorporating it into your interiors via carefully selected elements. 

So, to help you out, we've rounded up the best green homewares you should invest in which are not only incredibly versatile and blend seamlessly well with a range of colors, but also have the power to inject a dose of tranquility into any room. Sayonara, stress, and anxiety.  

9 Soothing Green Homewares to Induce a Sense of Calm

1. Linen bedsheets

Yes, of course this one was going to be at the top of our list — and for good reason, too. Try our 100% French flax linen bedding in our new Olive Stripe, rich Olive, or breezy Sage, all of which will pair seamlessly into any bedroom. Not only will these hues help lull you to sleep at night, but investing in high-quality linen sheets is probably one of the best investments you can make for your bedroom and your health. Plus, it’s one decor update that will pay for itself in the long run.


2. Luxury tableware

Sometimes you want to enjoy a five-star meal with friends and family (or even by yourself) without having to actually leave your home. How do you do this? With a dining table styled with luxurious linens in calming green hues. Sitting down at the table with family, friends or roommates can be good for our emotional and mental health, and research has even found it can reduce depressive symptoms. Try our beautiful Scalloped Placemats and Napkins in the Sage & Olive color combination for the ultimate dining experience. 


3. An elegant dinner plate

To compliment your beautiful tableware, you also want to serve your food in equally calming dinnerware. May we suggest the beautiful Bitossi Home Green Flower Dinner Plate? Oh, and did we also mention cooking is proven to be one of the most therapeutic ways to clear your mind? All the more reason to head into the kitchen right now. You can check out our extensive recipe collection here for the ultimate comfort food inspo. 


4. A cozy robe

At the end of a long hard day, there’s nothing better than stepping out of a well-deserved bath or a hot shower and wrapping yourself in a luxuriously thick robe. Our 100% linen waffle robe in Olive will keep you cozy before bed in the evenings as well as in the cool mornings. It features a midi length, waist tie, and wide-fit sleeves, making it perfect as an extra layer of warmth to wear on top of your other sleepwear pieces. You'll also spend your weekends and WFH days wrapped in your ultra-soft robe. Basically, you won’t want to take it off.


5. A statement ceramic vase

Nothing injects a dose of happiness and serenity into a room quicker than a spectacular ceramic vase filled with fresh flowers. A beautiful ceramic will add dimension to any room, especially if it's handmade. The only problem is, a good quality one that will be with you forever, can leave quite a heavy dent in your wallet. If you're able to splash upwards of $1000 on a vase, then by all means, go for it! But if not, then that's more than okay because there are still ceramic pieces you can purchase that don’t have completely unattainable price tags, yet are still incredibly beautiful. Our Iggy and Lou Lou Amphora Vase is a perfect example of this — and of course, it’s available in one of our favorite hues, Ocean Jade. 

6. A soothing artwork

Ahhh, art — it instantly elevates a space and injects a major dose of personality into an otherwise underwhelming room. Plus, it’s a landlord-friendly way to update your place, without having to renovate. We’re currently obsessed with the ‘Day & Night’ Print, created exclusively for Bed Threads by American creative Annabelle Golden. In a peaceful color palette of deep blues and greens, contrasted with the yellow of the sun, moon, and stars, this artwork is designed to be restorative and rejuvenating, perfect for hanging in your bedroom.


7. Couch pillows

Pillows aren't only made for the bed. Style your living room couch with a selection of European pillows dressed in a range of soothing green hues like Olive and Sage. It's an easy way to give your entire space an update, without having to renovate or spend hundreds of dollars. As a general rule, stick to an odd number of pillows to create the most natural and inviting arrangement — try three for smaller sofas and five for larger ones. 


8. A thick throw

Our Sage Throw is one of the most versatile home decor items you’ll ever own. Draped over the bed doubles as an extra layer of warmth, used in the living room to style your couch, or as a blanket for those days spent in from of the TV binge-watching the latest shows, it’s an accessory that can instantly brighten up any room. 


9. An indoor plant 

Here at Bed Threads, we love an indoor plant (or ten). In fact, we believe a home isn’t complete without greenery. Why? Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing, but they can help foster a connection to the outdoors and brighten the mood. Studies have even shown plants are effective at absorbing and purifying toxins in the air. They’re decor, they’re wellness — they’re just a bit of everything, really. 


7. A drinking cup

Did you know staying hydrated is the key to keeping cool, calm, and collected?  Studies have shown dehydration levels lead to higher cortisol levels (aka the stress hormone), making it harder to deal with simple daily tasks.

Popped by your bedside, on your office desk, or dining or coffee table, the incredibly chic Dinosaur Designs Large Rock Cup in Malachite Swirl will keep your hydration levels in check and ensure you stay productive and motivated all day (especially when that 3pm slump kicks in). 

Liked this? Here are 15 decor items you should (probably) own by the time you're 30. 

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