The Secret to Leaving a Lasting Impression On Your Guests

There are many ways a home can impress visitors: unique vintage furniture, indoor plants, incredible one-off artworks, oversized windows that bathe the space in light. The real secret to leaving a lasting impression on your guests, however, is less obvious – and yet actually more accessible.

The psychology of scent is all about the connection between smell and memory. Our bodies process scent using the olfactory bulb, which has direct connections to the parts of the brain that provide emotional reactions and memories (the amygdala and hippocampus). Our sense of smell is far more powerful than our other senses when it comes to triggering memories and emotions, which is why filling your home with certain fragrances can make such an impact for guests – and for you.

Use scent in your home to create the atmosphere you want: light some incense in your living room, burn a candle in your bathroom, or fill vase with fresh, fragrant flowers.

To calm...

use Ayu Patchouli Incense Sticks

Originating from tropical regions of east Asian countries, patchouli is a staple in the world of fragrance products. Its distinctive yet calming scent promotes relaxation, so it's best to burn patchouli incense to diffuse tension and mellow the room out.

To clarify...

use Ayu Sandalwood Incense Sticks

Sandalwood is a favourite among fragrance faithfuls – it's the go-to for relieving stress and improving mood. Drawn from the aromatic sandalwood tree sacred to the Vedic tradition, sandalwood incense will create a settled, tension-free atmosphere for you and your guests.

To cleanse...

use Ayu Clary Sage Incense Sticks

In incense form, clary sage is a soothing scent that purifies, protects and grounds you as it burns, and helps to create a quiet, warm atmosphere.

To open up...

use the Bed Threads Olive Leaf & Thyme Candle

Create the illusion of a balmy summer evening with this unique blend of olive, olive leaf, lemon thyme, bergamot and sandalwood.

To protect...

use Ayu Frankincense Incense Sticks

Frankincense is an aromatic resin that has been used for thousands of years, originally in Mesopotamia and Mediterranean, and then as a holy offering in religious ceremonies by the Frankish crusaders in the Middle Ages. This earthy, woody scent will help protect good vibes, helpful if any of your guests bring negative energy with them.

To expand...

use Ayu Myrrh Incense Sticks

Like frankincense, myrrh is a natural resin that has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine and in religious ceremonies. Burning myrrh incense in your home is perfect for when you want to bring a wider perspective to a situation. Its sweet, nutty fragrance will feel new and unexpected.

To get cosy...

use the Bed Threads Fireside Candle

The notes of clove and cinnamon bark in our Fireside candle will help create the ultimate in cosy home ambiance. It's like a campfire but inside and without the mess.

To uplift...

use the Bed Threads Spiced Pear & Oak Candle

Burn this candle to bring the mood up. Its fruity blend of smoked oak, cedar, spiced pear, apple and honeycrisp will create an ambience of excitement.

To cheer...

use fresh flowers! Get inspiration from these florists on Instagram

Whether it's fresh lavender or a sizeable bunch of lilies, a vase of fresh flowers on your coffee table or countertop will never fail to wow your guests.

Once your guests have left, have yourself a private spa day at home – here's how.

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