The 8 Best TV Shows to Stream in December

The end of year is nigh. Summer, Christmas, New Year’s Eve – they’re all upon us. But amongst all the festivities and celebration, there is also the opportunity to stay home and binge something new. 

In December there will be a whole host of new television to watch from the comfort of your couch or bed, all snuggled up in some linen sheets.

From the Sex and the City sequel to an Australian original series, here is our roundup of what we’re looking forward to streaming in December.

The 8 Best TV Shows to Stream in December 

1. The Great British Bake Off Festive Specials

What’s better than The Great British Bake Off? The Great British Bake Off… Christmas edition. This does exactly what it says on the tin, a celebration of food and baking but with a festive season twist. A perfect thing for fans of this show or anyone looking to dip into the long-running franchise and looking for an entry point. Because who doesn’t want to watch Christmas baking!

When can I watch it? On Foxtel  

2. Voir

From director David Fincher, the man who made The Social Network and Gone Girl, comes this loving ode to the movies. A docuseries structured as visual essays, this show will celebrate the magic of cinema, and given that so many of us have spent such a long time at home over the past two years, missing the big blockbuster experience, this will be exactly what we need to remind us of how special it is to go to the movies.

When can I watch it? On Netflix 

3. Landscapers  

True crime superfans are going to become obsessed with Landscapers, a British series coming to Stan. The main two roles are played by none other than Olivia Colman – the Queen herself! -- and David Thewlis, who star as an unassuming couple from Nottingham who find themselves at the centre of a murder mystery when a body is dug up from their pristine country garden. Did they do it? And if yes, how long have they managed to keep it secret? The story is a true one, which makes it even more chilling to watch, and this four episode miniseries is seriously addictive.

When can I watch it? On HBO

4. And Just Like That

And just like that… Sex and the City is here once more. The gang is almost all back for this reunion, streaming on Binge in December. Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are all reprising their famous roles from the original HBO series, with some new faces joining their crew. The fashion looks just as fabulous, Manhattan looks just as Manhattan-y, the antics look just as hilarious.

Maybe it won’t have the same magic as the original series, but that’s okay. If nothing else, watching these ten short episodes will make us want to do a deep dive and re-watch Sex and the City again. (Although let’s be honest, we never need an excuse to do that.)

When can I watch it? On HBO

5. The Witcher, season two

Fantasy might not be everyone’s favourite genre, but for those who love magic, epic world building and mystery galore, there’s nothing better. And some of the best fantasy is on Netflix, from Shadow and Bone to The Witcher, which returns for a second season in December.

Starring Henry Cavill as a monster hunter without equal, this show has fantastic fight sequences, great special effects and a lot of heart. It’s also one of the most popular shows on streaming, so if you’ve been waiting patiently for a new season since it was first released back in 2019, now is your chance to really dig in.

When can I watch it? On Netflix 

6. Station Eleven

Emily St John Mandel’s book Station Eleven is one of our favourite books in recent years, a gorgeous tale of the survivors of a global pandemic as they try to rebuild a broken world. Yes, we know that doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of thing people will want to watch right now, but trust us, this story is a moving one, and this miniseries is set to be a favourite, with a cast that includes Mackenzie Davis, Himesh Patel and Gael Garcia Bernal. We are really excited to watch this one.

When can I watch it? On HBO

7. Emily in Paris  

She’s back! Lily Collins is returning to screens as Emily Cooper, the Midwestern who finds herself wandering the streets of Paris, eating croissants and drinking red wine and falling in love with Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), her hunky neighbour. The first season of Emily in Paris was a guilty pleasure sensation and this second season looks to be just as delicious.

There’ll be a stint in the south of France, more romantic mishaps and cultural wires being crossed, fabulous outfits from stylist Patricia Field, and the most beautiful backdrop of Paris. For those of us who aren’t able to travel right now, this is the next best thing.

When can I watch it? On Netflix 

8. Bump, season two

We cannot wait for the return of Bump, one of our favourite shows of the past year. Full of life and love, Bump followed Olly (Nathalie Morris) and Santiago (Carlos Sanson Jr) as they navigated their new world of accidental teen parenthood. Produced by (and co-starring) Claudia Karvan, and set in the Inner West of Sydney, Bump is a new Australian classic coming-of-age tale. Set your calendars now.

When can I watch it? On Stan

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