This Is What Your Home Decor Says About Your Personality

Take a look around: does your home feel like you? Even if you’re renting and have less space than you’d like (and limited ability to make structural changes), whether you realise it or not it’s likely that your home decor reflects your personality. The more seating you have, the more you like to socialise. If your soft furnishings are all made from natural fibres, you are likely sensitive and romantic. If you prefer cool tones, you probably go with the flow.

So if you haven’t been feeling at home in your home, making a few cosmetic adjustments based on who you are as a person will make you feel more aligned and at peace.


Ample seating is a sign that you not only enjoy socialising but you also like to play host. You are also likely quite nurturing and open. If you have limited seating options, you’re someone who appreciates solo time and independence. Or you might just be low on space. If you consider yourself a social creature but you don’t have anywhere for people to sit, invest in some stackable chairs, or a few mismatched footstools that can double as coffee tables when your friends go home.

Pillow count

They say the more pillows you sleep with, the more anxious you are. Maybe so, or you could simply be someone who appreciates comfort. Whether you are riddled with anxiety or just in love with your bed, you are most likely a sensitive soul who prioritises feeling good.

Overall tone

They say if you prefer warm tones you’re probably a relatively optimistic person, whereas if you’re partial to cool hues you’re more laid back. Alternatively, perhaps your life outside of home is full of drama and activity and calming tones at home provide respite, or you crave positivity and comfort and so prefer to live amongst sunny yellows and warm reds. Whatever the case, make sure your home works for you, tonally. 


This one’s pretty obvious, but if your home is full of colour then you’re likely pretty outgoing. You’re probably an extrovert who draws energy from socialising and activity. If you keep things neutral, then you might be more of an introvert and possibly something of a peacemaker in social interactions.


Keeping the toaster locked in a cupboard either means you’re avoiding gluten or you value aesthetics more than function. If you must keep your surfaces clear of clutter, find an object to live there permanently – a vase, a ceramic bowl, a small sculpture. Whatever you like – as long as you like it!

Hero piece

What’s at the centre of your home? Where do you spend most of your time? What’s your favourite room to be in? What’s the part of your home you feel most proud of? The answer to these questions will reveal what it is you value and also what you aspire to. Do you have an incredible couch and a top-of-the-line TV/speaker set-up? You are creative and analytical. Is your home office situation a whole lot more than just an office chair pulled up to the kitchen table? You are someone who values personal development and healthy boundaries between personal and professional space.

Old vs. new

If your home is populated with antiques and one-offs, then you might be a bit sentimental who appreciates nostalgia and learning about history. You probably spend your downtime listening to records (or Spotify playlists) or reading. If you prefer all new everything, your eyes are firmly fixed on the future.


If your home is filled with natural fibres – linen upholstery, washed silk curtains, wool blankets – you’re likely a romantic at heart. You’re sensitive and warm and probably have a small circle of close friends rather than a huge network of acquaintances.

Not sure what colour linen to buy? Here is the perfect colour for you, based on your star sign.

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