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Taureans are lavish, Virgos are organised and minimal, and for Leos – it's all about a jaw-dropping dining room.

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This Is How You Should Decorate Your Home, According To Your Star Sign

Taureans are lavish, Virgos are organised and minimal, and for Leos – it's all about a jaw-dropping dining room.

Your house is one of the places where you spend the most time in your life, so it stands to reason that it will be heavily influenced by your zodiac.

The characteristics of your star sign play an important role in determining how you should be decorating and designing your home sanctuary; ultimately these are the spaces in which you will be living, sleeping, dreaming, planning, growing and thriving. You need to make sure that it is designed accordingly.

So what should you steer clear of, depending on your astrological sign? And what should you embrace when it comes to decor and your zodiac? We've done the hard work so you don't have to.


One word: red. Because of the relationship between Aries and Mars, those who fall under this zodiac sign will often feel most at home in rooms painted in different shades of the fiery colour. We’re talking everything from burgundy to pale millennial pinks, so let your creative flag fly. In fact, an Aries’ home should be an ode to all things creative within this star sign. Make sure to have plenty of art on display and keep things personal by showcasing all the trinkets you’ve picked up on your travels.


A Taurus’ home is their castle, and you can tell it from the moment you step through the front door. Everything is high quality, from the soap in the bathroom (Aesop, naturally) to the throw blanket on your squishy couch. Because comfort is the most important thing for a Taurus, you’ll take pleasure in filling your home with soft furnishings and cosy spaces. Lots of candles, plenty of cushions and high quality linen on your bed will make a space you’ll want to lounge around in forever.


Geminis don’t care about clashing prints or mixing styles, which is why their homes are so much fun. Here, a Gemini gets to show off the twin side to their personality and showcase just how extra they can be. Bright colours, eye-catching prints and lots of metallics rule in a Gemini home. Don’t be afraid of doubling down on your bold taste. Your home is for you, so you should decorate it exactly as you desire.


Sensitive, homebodies and emotionally intelligent, a Cancer’s home is their sanctuary from the world and has been designed to reflect that. Think everything soft, pretty and cosy. You'd never want to leave. Cancerians are often drawn to antique pieces that they long to restore themselves with a modern touch, or upholstering an old sofa with a shiny new fabric. You love a DIY project that keeps you occupied around the house.


For Leos, the most important room is the dining room. It’s here that Leos will hold the big, blowsy dinner parties that they have a name for themselves with, and it’s here that their house really becomes a home. Because of that, Leos should make sure to invest in a long dining table with all the trimmings. We’re talking matching dinner sets, gorgeous glassware, elaborate centrepieces and top-notch cookware. Only things that are fit for a true Leo Queen, basically.


Practical Virgos crave order and simplicity over anything else, which is why their homes are often the most organised of all the star signs. You’ll find plenty of clever storage solutions and hacks in a Virgo home, and every surface will be spotless. Scandinavian minimalism is your most preferred design trend in a colour palette of clean neutrals. Splashes of colour come courtesy of your house plants, of which you have many.


Natural fibres are the name of the game for Libras, who are earthy and romantic. Thick woven woollen rugs, washed silk curtains, soft linen sheets and blankets... Everything in a Libra’s home is designed to be smooth and enticing to the touch. But they’re also a sign ruled by Venus, which means they crave beauty, too. Make sure to give yourself a state-of-the-art bathroom set up, and, if you have space for it, a killer walk in wardrobe, too.


Scorpios love drama, something that is often evident from their homes. The water sign loves the rich colours of the ocean, from deep blues to purples, greens and indigos. In the bedroom is where a Scorpio’s design sensibility really comes alive, though. Give over to your passionate side and give yourself the boudoir of your dreams, complete with opulent touches like an antique screen, a mirrored dressing table or velvet pillows.


First things first, make sure to fill your home with living things. From fiddle leaf fig plants to bunches of fresh flowers, it will be a way of bringing the outdoors inside. Sagittarians love nature, so keep the decor simple in earthy tones and look for houses with big windows or french doors to blur the line between home and elsewhere. If you don’t or can’t have a garden, think about getting a window box and planting a little herb garden of your own. That way you can have even a little bit of green space for yourself.


Grounded and driven, self-starting Capricorns are likely to be the kinds of people who work from home, which means that you need a fantastic office. Invest in a high quality desk and chair that are going to support you as you dream up new business ventures and keep spaces light and personal with framed photos and vases of flowers. Capricorns are often big readers and there’s no better place to display your collection of tomes than big, wide bookshelves in your living room and bedroom.


Forget antiques and hand-me-downs, Aquarians love all things modern and new. You’ll be on the cutting edge of the design world and know what the latest trend is, and your home is going to reflect that. But as a water and air-based sign, you’ll also crave those two things. Focus on giving yourself plenty of natural light courtesy of wide windows and skylights and, if you can, put a huge tub in your bathroom. That way, you can soak away to your heart’s content, dreaming of new pieces to add to your interiors collection, no doubt.


Arty and sentimental, a Pisces’ home is a reflection of their love of peace. As such, their personal space has a zen-like quality courtesy of the harmonious design, with nods to their favourite makers and creators punctuating the space. Of all the signs, they are the least likely to KonMari their home, keeping precious, dreamy keepsakes others would've long forgotten. Japanese architecture is a big influence, as is the 60s-era modernist homes in Los Angeles and Palm Springs. A Pisces will often have music playing in the background while at home, so invest in a decent sound system as it will be a key tool in helping you chill out and relax.

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