How Often Should You Actually Wash Your Pajamas?

When it comes to how often you should be washing your sleepwear, it really depends. How long are you wearing them each night? Are you a hot sleeper? Is your bed a pets welcome space? What fabric is your sleepwear made from? 

The longer you go without washing your sleepwear, the more likely you are to be sleeping with bacteria, fungi, animal dander, pollen, soil, lint, as well as bodily excrements such as sweat and skin cells. According to Prof Sally Bloomfield, who is a consultant in Hygiene and Infectious Disease Prevention at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says that the frequency with which sleepwear should be washed really differs for each individual.

"We all carry certain organisms that are potentially harmful to us if we get them in the wrong place and are potentially harmful to other people if they get transferred to them,” she tells The Guardian. “Why do we launder in the first place? Because we don’t want other people to get those organisms.”

It's also a double-edged sword: washing your sleepwear more often is more hygienic and better for your skin, but the more you use your washing machine the higher the costs—both financially and environmentally.

Read on to find out how often you should be washing your sleepwear, according to your sleep style.

How often should I wash my pajamas?

For very hot sleepers...

Anyone who tends to heat up and experience night sweats should be washing their sleepwear at least every other day, if not daily. To get more wears out of your sleepwear, try to cool your bedroom while you sleep or switch to a lighter duvet, and hang your sleepwear during the day so it has time to air out.

For fabric-conscious sleepers...

With the right fabric, you will be able to wait a week or so between each wash. If you're mindful about the fabric your sleepwear is made from, then you will extend the amount of time between washes. Take, for instance, linen (the fabric), which is famously antibacterial, breathable, temperature-regulating, naturally anti-static, hence why our bedding and sleepwear is all made from 100% French Flax Linen.

If your sleepwear is 100% linen, then you'll probably have to wash it less frequently. If your sleepwear is made with less breathable fabric that isn't naturally anti-bacterial, then you'll need to wash more frequently.


For commando sleepers...

If your nights are spent underwear-free, you should be washing at least the bottom half of your sleepwear ensemble every day.

For eager sleepers...

If you tend to wear your pajamas around the house in the evenings or into the late morning on lazy weekends, you might want to wash them a few times a week.

When you change into pajamas as soon as it's time to get comfy—like after dinner—then you are more likely to collect dust, dirt and food scraps on your sleepwear than someone who only wears sleepwear in their bed.

Keep this in mind next time you settle in for the rest of the night and consider finding a transitional outfit to bridge the gap between early evening and late night (i.e.: loungewear).


For morning bathers...

If you don't shower before bed, then you will need to wash your sleepwear more often. Waiting until morning to shower means you're carrying the grit and grime from your day into bed, and you should probably wash your sleepwear every other day or daily, depending on where you go during the day.

For night bathers...

If you shower or bath before bed every night, it will extend the shelf life of your freshly laundered sleepwear and you'll need to wash it less frequently. If you're not a sweater, don't sleep with pets, and only wear your PJs while you're actually in bed, you can go for a week or more.

Ultimately, we suggest using your best judgement. Do your PJs feel and smell fresh and clean? Then they're probably good to go.

What about your bedding? Here's how often you should be washing your linen. 

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