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How to Style Your Bedroom for Good Luck, According to Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui is believed to help us to balance our homes and live more successful lives, room by room. And nowhere could this be more important than the bedroom.

The bedroom is the sanctuary of our homes; it is the place where we rest, the place we recharge our bodies after a day of work. Optimising your feng shui here can help your romantic life has much as it can your ability to rest and feel in control. The key is knowing how to keep chi (life force energy) flowing and how to deflect negative energy entering your sacred space.

Here's how to use the principles of feng shui to style your bedroom for good luck and create your perfect oasis at home.

Step #1: Declutter

Declutter your bedroom to repurpose the energy in the space. Throw away things that don’t have any use in the bedroom and keep it that way. Bedrooms are for rest, romance and relaxation; not for a large array of gadgets or a makeshift dumping ground for miscellaneous objects. Be selective in what you keep in your space so it will, in turn, be good to you.

Step #2: Cleanse negative energy

Restore good chi to the bedroom by breaking up with any negative energy that may be in the air. Do this through burning sage, cedar or palo santo. Each one is believed to have special properties that can cleanse the space and ensure you have a fresh foundation on which to build the chi of the bedroom.

Step #3: Rethink your colour palette

Pick a soothing colour scheme. Colours are important when putting together a home, and for a bedroom, they’re considered to be extremely significant as they can affect your mood. As much as you might want a bright blue feature wall, it can have some effect on the quality of your sleep. Therefore, it’s best to opt for colours that are variances of skin tones. Off white, creams, chocolate browns and peach tones are best. These colours are thought to promote maximum sensuality and peaceful vibes, which is what every bedroom needs.

Step #4: Build in pairs

Everything is better in pairs. The rules of feng shui declare that pairs promote harmonious, loving energy. So, when you build a bedroom, even if you are single, build it knowing there may be space for another. Buy two night stands, two pillows, two seats, two lamps. Not only does it allow for another person to be brought into the space, it also presents a neat balance and looks gracefully styled.

Step #5: Position your bed

According to feng shui, where you place your bed is believed to impact on the energy of the space. Basically, your bed should be in a ‘command’ position, which means it is positioned in a way where you can see the bedroom door.

Per the rules, placing your bed on the same wall as your door can cause anxiousness as you’re unable to see who can come in at any given moment. That element of surprise subconsciously disrupts not only you, but the chi of the space.

Another rule is to not place your bed directly in front of the door as this is said to be the position of the dead. It is also best to avoid putting your bed beneath a beam or a window as it can present a ‘cutting’ feeling of being threatened.

Step #6: Get a bedhead

Speaking of beds, ensure yours has a bedhead. Beds without bedheads feel less secure, so opt for a bed-frame with one attached or purchase a separate bedhead. The feeling of support that comes from a bedhead can impact you subconsciously as you sleep. The best type of bedhead per feng shui are the kind that have smooth edges rather than harsh lines, and are ideally made of soft fabric.

Step #7: Style with your senses

Lastly, use the five senses as a guide to creating and styling the perfect space. Enticing all elements of your senses when crafting the perfect bedroom will enhance the chi overall.
  • For smell, use essential oils in a diffuser. Once you’ve started using them you will never look back.
  • For touch, invest in soft fabrics to give your bedroom that luxurious feel.
  • For sight, keep earthy tones as a theme throughout the room, even with accents. Remember to create pairs!
  • For sound, play soft classical music or have a white noise machine.
  • For taste, avoid bringing food into the bedroom whenever possible, but do keep water by your bedside.

Since we spend close to half our lives in our beds, it only makes sense to maximise the feng shui to its fullest potential. Everybody deserves a space that is well thought out, styled cohesively and has good energy. Happy rearranging!

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