How 7 Painters Decorate Their Homes to Reflect Their Art

While we often contemplate artists through their divine work, we less frequently  think of them in their respective homes. These sanctuaries offer another intimate and valuable insight into their creative world, and act as a space that reflects their personal style and taste.  

The common thread with all of these homes is that the interior design is a further extension of the artist's works, be it in the color palette, furniture shapes, or general themes.  

Below, we've rounded up a selection of painter's homes which we visited in our The Makers home tours series. Each abode is a beautiful extension of the owner's artistic self and offer plenty of ideas to take design cues from. 

Inside the Homes of 7 Painters

1. Lauren Freestone

Open and inviting, you simply want to spend days lingering in Indigenous artist Lauren Freestone's Newcastle home. Her aesthetic is “simple”—she prefers to focus on earthy tones and natural elements to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Here, you’ll find plenty of woven rugs, cane armchairs, and leather couches, where the color palette echoes the Rust and Terracotta linen on her bed. “Less is more for me," Lauren says.

Take a tour of Lauren's home.

2. Madeline Jovicic

Madeline Jovicic's playful Sydney apartment is probably the closest thing to a European holiday right now. Much like her Euro-inspired artworks, the home boasts pastel hues reminiscent of scoops of gelato, plenty of natural light, beautiful ceramics, and linen.

She loves the courtyard for the afternoon sun and aperitifs and the lounge room, which often acts as an overflow of her art studio.

Take a tour of Madeline's home.

3. Caroline Walls

Artist Caroline Walls’ beautifully minimal home in Melbourne is a canvas for her feminine works. Her affinity for muted, earthy tones permeates the interior of the Victorian terrace. This can be seen in the sisal rug, rattan chairs, and ceramics in the open-plan living/dining room which inject the space with warmth and visual interest. The handsome Charcoal cushions tie in elegantly with the bold, dark accents seen throughout the home's décor and her charcoal drawings.  

Take a tour of Caroline's home.

4. Rina Freiberg

Perth Painter Rina Freiberg's home is full of vibrancy and life. Artworks with splashes of peach and pink are propped up above her bed  which she makes with contrasting Bed Threads linen in a pairing of Mineral and Lilac or Rosewater and White.

Sunshine and airflow is the ultimate luxury,” explains Freiberg. “Find a visual rhythm of colors and textures that complement but also contrast each other to give the house energy.” 

Take a tour of Rina's home.

5. Mafalda Vasconcelos

Mafalda's renovated '70s home in Melbourne is all about embracing light and color. Natural light floods the home and is accentuated by the white vaulted ceiling and walls which allow for statement-making pieces to really shine. From the charcoal grey sofa to the collection of ritual objects and masks, artisanal pieces, vintage books, and sculptures, this home is filled with plenty of design detail.

Take a tour of Mafalda's home.

6. Bobby Clark

Bobby transformed her once "cold" abode into a family home filled with warmth and joy. Every room you step into feels as meticulously thought out as her artworks are. 

A plush velvet couch in the living room complements the matching dining chairs, and her own statement artworks are hung on walls throughout the home. 

Take a tour of Bobby's home.

7. Jessalyn Brooks

Jessalyn transformed a warehouse in Los Angeles into a creative hub, both for her painting and artworks, and for her life. Her home is a combination of light-filled, paint-splattered empty space for her to make her colorful artworks, contrasted against the cosy and lived-in personal areas filled with treasures items collected over the years.

“Authentic connection with space, placement and objects is pretty important,” Brooks explains. “My room is somewhat simple, but each piece brings me so much joy. Everything has intention and meaning.”

Take a tour of Jessalyn's home.

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