Every 5-Star Hotel Swears By These Tricks To Look Polished

If you've been fortunate enough to check in to a five-star hotel, you'll know that it's one of life's little luxuries. From the moment you step inside the lobby, a ritzy accommodation spot will let you know you've arrived instantly. You'll notice a certain ambience exaggerated with soft music and quiet chatter, and you're sure to be greeted with a grin by everyone you pass. The best hotels are the ones that are able to make you feel like you've stepped into a parallel reality where comfort is key and elegance is standard. The interior designers of the world's finest five-star hotels have been utilising a few clever decorating tricks for decades, and we're here to let you in on their secrets so that you can recreate a resort-like feeling for yourself.

Clever zoning
There's a reason why your hotel bedroom feels so much more luxurious than your own, and that's because everything has its own place (and no clothes piles to be found). You'll usually be treated to a seating area with plush armchairs to take in a window vista and watch the world go by. As well as that, a desk is conveniently placed and everything else you need is tucked away in the wardrobe. Sounds simple, right? The key to replicating this is to think carefully about your furniture placement. If it helps, grab a printed floorplan and use a pencil to sketch your ideas out. Consider how much space you actually have and plan your zones accordingly.

Comfort above everything
Hotel designers are masters at creating an interior world where guests feel like they can get rest and relax in pure comfort. Everywhere you venture to within the hotel, comfort will have been at the forefront of the design decisions, from lounge chairs to curtains and even door handles. Their goal is for you to remember the way you felt every time you placed your foot on the carpet or dried your hands on a towel. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to decipher how to decorate at home with constant design trend suggestions, but for a luxe feeling at home, start by road testing in the showroom. Figure out what fabrics make you feel good and whether you prefer your sofa soft or firm, for example. It all makes a difference.

It's all about the bed
You can't tell me that you haven't jumped straight on to your freshly made hotel bed and thought you were on a literal cloud—it's impossible. Generally, our own beds pale in comparison to the ones we sleep in during our hotel stay. Why? Every decision, from the firmness of the mattress to the softness of the sheets to the tactility of the headboard has been considered carefully. Realistically, your bed at home is even more important because you'll spend a huge chunk of your life laying there, so making long-lasting decisions in the boudoir pays off.

Ambient lighting
You'll never find ceiling lights as the only source of lighting when it comes to a 5-star hotel. Designers of these spaces are well-versed in the power of ambient lighting in interior spaces, and by using floor, wall and table lamps as extra light sources, the mood changes instantly and is able to shift with the needs of its guests. At home, do what the designers do and incorporate various light sources into your space to create warmth and atmosphere.

Small upgrades
Sometimes it's the small things that make all the difference when it comes to a high-end hotel stay. If you're like me, you'll instinctively search for the robe and slippers as a symbolic gesture that you've arrived. Even the towels and hand soaps are perfectly suited to whatever setting you find yourself in. Nothing is left to chance in these five-star hotels, and it's something that's easily transferable to your own home. Create a polished aesthetic with crisp white towels, matching hand soaps and fresh flowers that won't cost you the earth.

Custom fabrics
Every piece of furniture you see in a high-end hotel is most likely custom made to some degree. Durability is something that's a high priority for designers of these establishments, so custom fabrics are often favoured. You won't have to be so selective at home (unless you're running an Airbnb), but customising pieces is a great way to begin to create your own distinct aesthetic. The sky's the limit here, with rugs, headboards, cushions and wallpaper all great places to start. Get to know your local upholsterer and request to borrow a few fabric catalogues to get you inspired.

More hotel goodness? Take a look inside this uber cool Kelly Wearstler-designed hotel everyone is talking about.

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