Scandinavians Cannot Stop Talking About This Wellness-Meets-Design Trend

When you imagine the happiest place in the world, do you instinctively picture a private tropical island as blue as the eye can see? It turns out, as documented year after year in the World Happiness Report, that the picture of happiness might actually be a Scandinavian office worker biking home in the early afternoon to enjoy some quality time with their family.

These Nordic countries in the north of Europe seem to have life figured out pretty well, with a work-life balance that perfectly suits a modern way of living. Nations such as Sweden have been leading the charge when it comes to incorporating ideas of wellness into design and architecture, as outlined in The Nordic Report, which leads to an uplift in the general wellbeing of the population who are interacting with these buildings and infrastructure on a daily basis.

As we seek comfort from the frantic pace of life now more than ever, we're looking to the Scandinavians for tips on how to make our homes a place for wellness.

Let there be light
There are no buts about it—natural light has the power to elevate our moods and foster a connection the outdoors, which is something we all crave. The amount of natural light available is important to consider when choosing a place to live, but easy steps like removing bulky curtains can make a drastic improvement to previously dark rooms. When the sun goes down, consider multiple sources of ambient light for a cosy, or hygge feeling at home. Rather than relying on one super bright ceiling light, opt for a floor lamp or table version to keep the cosy vibes going.


To the woods
'Scandi' still remains a strong contender for the most popular interior design style, and it's not hard to see why. Defined by comfy textures and organic lines, another large aspect to emulating the feeling of a Swedish cabin is the presence of natural wood tones. The feeling and aesthetic of natural wood grains in furniture, floors and even doors helps to promote a harmonious environment at home.


Get green
The Northern Lights, the Fjords of Norway and Iceland's Blue Lagoon are just a few of the incredible natural wonders Scandinavians are blessed with. It's no wonder people in this part of the world have made a habit of incorporating time spent outdoors into their lives in an organic way, rarely letting their frosty temperatures stand in the way. Likewise, they like to blur the lines when it comes to indoors and outdoors at home. Upgrade your green leafy pals from the courtyard to the living room and let their purifying properties freshen your place up.


Forever pieces
Sustainability is something that goes without saying when it comes to both public spaces and new homes built in the Scandi region. Design that considers the health and happiness of humans, as well as the natural environment in which it's constructed, is the purest way to ensure a sense of overall wellness is upheld. When it comes to furnishing a home, long-lasting materials and craftsmanship are high on the list of priorities for Scandinavians. They value considered design and believe in investing in forever pieces that they can hand on to younger generations, continuing the life cycle of each piece.


Speaking of home and wellness, this is how often you should clean your house, according to science.

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