This Is Your Sleep Style, According to Your Star Sign

Your sleep matters, a lot. Valuable time spent each night dreaming gives your body the chance to regenerate cells and revitalise your mind for the next day. Just one or two nights of interrupted sleep can affect your mood and even your physical wellbeing (especially your gut) so it's important that you create a relaxing nightly routine to follow to ensure that you're dozing off with ease and staying asleep all night long.

We've all got our favourite sleeping positions, which we've previously ranked here (sorry stomach sleepers). As it turns out, the position we sleep in each night can reveal a lot about our personality, so we've turned to the zodiac to decipher your sleep style according to your star sign.


As an Aries, you're naturally confident and pretty fearless when it comes to most aspects of your life. and sleeping is no exception. You're not afraid to sleep with the door open and you're partial to sleeping on your back—showing the world that your prepared for whatever it throws at you. That being said, you're fond of a cuddle every now and then.


As an Earth sign, you're naturally practical, consistent and dare we say it—stubborn. You love to follow your bedtime routine each night to guarantee the best chance at securing quality zzz's—but you might not find yourself in the same position as when you fell asleep.


In your daily life, you're a bit of a floater. You can easily adapt to any situation and make friends with whoever you're surrounded by. All of this change can make you a bit uncertain and flighty, though. For a Gemini, deep breathing exercises and a scented oil diffuser will help to calm the mind before bed. Like a Taurus, you'll most likely take a few different positions over the course of the night and might find your blanket on the floor in the morning.


You're intuitive and tapped into your feelings, which means your mind is generally racing. When you're home, you like to have your own personal time and space to wind down and prepare yourself for a good rest. Once your head hits the pillow, a Cancer will instinctively find themselves on their side with a had around the pillow for extra security.


You're known to your friends and family as the lovable Leo with a big heart and even bigger ideas. You spend your days impressing everyone around you with your charm and wit, but when it comes to your nightly snooze, you look inward to press pause on the exuberant world you've crafted for yourself. Your stomach is a natural position for you to lay on as you turn your back on your ego for the night.


You've got high standards, and sleep is no exception to the rule. Virgos need to get everything perfect before they jump between the sheets—the temperature, the pillows, the pyjamas. Once you've set up the ideal sleep environment, you'll sleep like a baby, usually on your side.


Your airy sensibility and thirst for intellect mean that regenerating each day is vital to keeping you feeling bright and curious. When you hop into bed each night, you're after some comfort—either from your pillow or your partner. You're fond of curling up in a ball to feel safe and secure all night long.


You're sometimes mistaken for a fire sign because of your passion and at times fiery demeanour. At night, though, your water origins come out to play and you like to create a peaceful oasis for sleep that involves a candle and a good book. You don't stick to just one sleeping position and you're known to move your arms around and kick at night, so sleeping alone is best.


Scorpios are travellers and dreamers by nature. You like to seek the truth in every situation and are philosophical in your approach. Because of your inquisitive mind, you sometimes find it tricky to stick to your nightly routine and have a habit of losing track of time while reading your favourite book or researching your next holiday. You'll happily sleep on your back and face the stars while you dream (even if it's only for a few hours).


A natural hard worker, you understand the benefits of putting in the effort now to reap the rewards later. When you want to show your affection to someone, you tend to do it through your actions rather than words, and your sleep pattern follows that rule. You're an affectionate sleeper and enjoy sleeping on your side with your partner next to you.


As an Aquarian, you're generally pretty easy going and incredibly open-minded. Your friends and family find you a delight to be around because you tend to put your hand up when anyone is in need of a helping hand. When it comes to sleep, the same applies—you can fall asleep anywhere if you're tired enough. If you had to choose, it would be with your head on the pillow and your knees slightly bent.


Like Virgos, Pisces sleep well. It makes sense given your dreamy demeanour and your desire for your universe to be at peace at all times. You're a gentle soul who needs their beauty sleep to be able to deal with the big bad world out there, and you'll find yourself naturally drawn to your side with your arm holding the pillow to ground you during those vivid dreams of yours.

Sleeping is our favourite thing to do, so read more about the best positions for deep sleep.

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