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The 9 Items You Need to Recreate 70s Style in Your Home

Whether you're a child of the 70s or not, there's plenty to love about the decade that was all about rock 'n' roll and summer lovin'. Fifty years on and the unforgettable styles of the 70s are still as relevant (and popular) today as ever. We're seeing a lot of design trends from this time sneaking into interiors these days, from rattan furniture to jewel-toned velvets and of course, the indoor plant craze. This style is super easy to work in with whatever style you've got at home, and we're sure you'll find an element of the free-spirited 70s that you'll love.

1. Warm, earthy colours
It just so happens that the colour palette we're all coveting currently has a direct connection to the 70s. From terracotta to turmeric (the perfect bed linen colour if you ask us), warm, nature-inspired tones are everywhere right now, so you're spoilt for choice when selecting some new wares for your pad.

2. Natural finishes
The 70s was all about a strong connection to mother nature, and it seems that we're still craving that bond on 2019. If you hadn't noticed, materials like terrazzo and brick are being snapped up by designers and architects across the country to achieve a modern-meets-vintage style that we're definitely fans of.

3. Plants galore
If you ask us whether or not you need another houseplant, we're going to encourage you every time. They can help to purify the air, provide your place with a much-needed natural touch, and they just generally look amazing. An easy way to amp up the 70s look at home is to bring in some big leafy friends for an urban oasis aesthetic.

4. Bold patterns
Zig-zags, wavy lines and florals were all big in the 70s. These days, designers are interpreting those groovy patterns in a more minimalistic way with uninterrupted lines and shapes being printed on cushions, planters and in also original artworks. To avoid your living room looking like the set from Happy Days, keep other elements neutral to balance things out.

5. Timber panelling
Okay, this one isn't for everyone, especially renters, but it is quintessentially 70s and has been making a comeback in interiors as of late with beautiful results. The interiors world has been shifting from white on white spaces that have held strong for the past decade towards more intimate rooms with soul. Warm timber panelling envelops you and radiates a sense of retreat.

6. Shag rugs
Honestly, what says 70s decor more than shag? The deep pile rug is just what you need to inject some boho glam into your space. You can pick up modern versions of the trend that feature simple patterns and a variety of colours that will work with your scheme.

7. Rattan furniture
Now, this is really where modern-day design and the 70s aesthetic really cross over—quite possibly the biggest interior trend at the moment is rattan and wicker furniture. This beachy, bohemian look is super popular because it doesn't overpower a room, is versatile and provides a natural element that we all appreciate at home.

8. Wall hangings
In lieu of a painting or photograph, a wall hanging is an alternative to add interest to your walls while also bringing in those organic textures that were so popular fifty years ago. You can have a lot of fun here, with a bunch of skilled makers offering wall art made from palm leaves, leather and even paper.

9. Vintage ottoman
Designers of the 70s took a laidback approach to interiors, often with lots of informal and versatile seating options. The Morrocan pouf was a popular feature of many living rooms at the time, encouraging people to get comfy on the floor for a more cosy conversation. You can even stack them to make a side table when they're not in use!

Loving the 70s vibes? You'll enjoy Rachel Saunders' impossibly chic 70s style apartment.

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