6 Designers Share Their Best Tip for a Well-Styled Bedroom

We've talked to countless inspiring designers in our The Makers series, and we always jump at the opportunity to ask them what their number one tip is when it comes to styling a bedroom that promotes rest and tranquility.

From avoiding clutter to carefully selecting a color palette, below you'll find the advice from six designers on what a sleep sanctuary looks like to them - and how to achieve it.

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6 designers share their best tip for a well-styled bedroom

1. Tali Roth, Interior Designer

"Keep clutter away! It’s important to ensure you have sufficient storage and if you don't then add a dresser and storage side tables as the most unnerving thing in a place of rest is visual clutter.

Try and keep symmetry for a sense of space and opulence. (I.e: If you can have two side tables and two lamps or sconces then do so)."

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2. Daniel Boddam, Architect

"I like the mantra less is more. Few, but edited, pieces that have breathing space. A bedroom should be a restful atmosphere, so working with complementary colors and natural materials works well. I tend to favor layered monochromatic and neutral colors and rely on art for pops of color."

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3. Stephanie Ball, Furniture Designer

"1. Create a space that makes you happy by being selective.

2. Invest in classic, good quality pieces.

3. Don’t over complicate it! There is a perfect balance of ‘just enough’ to fill your space."

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4. Simone Haag, Interior Designer

"Grouping likeminded objects, regular cleanouts, and less toys then you think you need. A box always makes for far more fun anyway!"


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5. Adele Cotruzzola, Furniture Designer

"Lots of layers! Investing in good key pieces throughout your home, natural materials, greenery, and light."


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6. Jenna Densten, Interior Designer

"Add layers and ensure you have a balance. Balance high and low-cost items, the scale of objects, smooth and tactile surfaces and curved and linear pieces."


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Need more bedroom styling advice? We've rounded up our 25 most popular bedrooms on Instagram here, so you can create the sleep sanctuary of your dreams.

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