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Timeless gifts the happy couple will cherish forever.

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8 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Your Loved Ones Will Adore

Timeless gifts the happy couple will cherish forever.

Is there anything better than receiving an invite to one of your favourite couples weddings? Delicious food and dancing, laughing and (happy) crying, there's so much to look forward to when you've got forthcoming nuptials in your calendar.

While this is a day dedicated to love, the months, weeks, and days leading up to the event can be a rather stressful affair. As if figuring out what to wear on this monumental occasion wasn't enough of a stressor, finding a gift that the happy couple can cherish forever – without breaking the bank – looms over our heads until we finally find something.

As lovers of all things luxurious and home-related, here are eight unique wedding gifts happy couples will cherish after tying the knot.

1. Bedding for a fresh start

It’s an all too common question when moving in with a partner: whose bedding do we keep? For some couples, this answer is obvious, while for others the thought of separating from your beloved linen duvet cover sounds downright criminal. Help the newlyweds ease into their shared life together by gifting them a new set of beautiful bedding. If you know exactly what they want, skip straight to checkout. Otherwise, you can send them a gift card for a bedding bundle and let them choose a colour palette that feels right for their home.

2. Matching robes for slow mornings

The best kind of gifts are those that can be easily integrated into daily rituals (think: coffee mugs, lush plants, and wireless speakers). In a similar vein, gifting the newlyweds cosy robes encourages them to take time in the morning to begin the day on the right note. And if they match? Even better.

3. Festive table linens for dinner parties

Unless the happy couple is known for their lavish house parties, most people don’t spend their money on beautiful tableware for hosting – that’s where you come in. Give them an excuse to throw a stylish dinner party or summer soirée with the gift of statement linens. Our personal favourites take it up a notch and incorporate details such as colour blocking and scalloped edges for an especially festive finish.

4. A stylish book stack for their living space

Also in the realm of decor pieces not everyone buys for themselves, a beautiful book stack is a hallmark of a well-styled coffee table or shelf. Take their hobbies and interests into mind and curate a stack according to subjects they’ll appreciate. Are they travellers? Go for a read on the Riviera. Big art buffs? Perhaps they’re talented in the kitchen? Try a beautiful cookbook. The more customised, the better.

6. Statement ceramics for a lovely tablescape

Cement their status as great hosts with a few statement ceramics they can sprinkle around their tablescape. Perhaps a festive bowl for holding snacks like olives or nuts, or even an interesting vase to host freshly-cut flowers – something as simple as a unique ceramic can help them express their personalities in the home, and they’ll hold onto it forever.

7. Unique Glassware For Happy Hour

A simple tumbler just won’t do for the newlyweds! Gift them playful, unique glassware such as technicolour cups or a beautiful hand blown mezcal bottle to make happy hour feel like all the more of a treat. Better yet: add in a nice bottle of wine or liquor to complete the gift.

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