What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar

Let’s not sugar coat it—quitting the sweet stuff can be tough. But if you stick it out long enough to reap the benefits of a sugarless diet, you’ll be happy as a kid in a candy store (before they grow up and read this article.)

You’ll go through withdrawals

First of all, sugar is addictive, so quitting means you will go through withdrawals not dissimilar to those caused by drugs. Have you ever tried to quit caffeine? I haven’t, because I enjoy my life, but I hear it’s a thing that other people do. Alas, the withdrawal symptoms are reportedly similar—think headaches, lack of energy and gastrointestinal stress. The first few days without sugar won’t be pretty, but just remember that this phase is as temporary as a Kardashian marriage.

You may lose weight

There are a few reasons you might start shedding weight when you quit sugar. Firstly, cutting out sugar removes a lot of calories from your diet because we usually consume it in foods that are also high in fat and refined starches, like donuts (it might be hard to read that word right now, but just remember: Kardashian marriage). Sugar is also always found in highly processed foods that you shouldn’t be consuming anyway, so when you replace them with healthier, more nutritious options, your body will thank you. On top of all that, increased insulin levels force your fat cells into calorie storage overdrive—less sugar means fewer calories get stored as fat.

Your skin will clear up

Skin problems like acne, inflammation, and premature ageing have long been linked to diet. This is because sugar molecules bind to and deform the collagen and elastin in our skin by a process known as glycation. Without collagen and elastin, our skin ages less like a fine wine and more like a grape in the sun. Acne-wise, eating high-glycaemic foods can cause spikes in our blood sugar levels, leading to oil production and breakouts. Remove the culprit from your system and voilà! Clear and glowing skin.

You’ll feel happier

Did you know that sugar consumption has actually been linked to higher rates of depression? Chronic inflammation caused by sugar can impact brain function, which might explain why you’ve been feeling a little foggy or down recently. People who’ve quit the sweet stuff have reported huge shifts in their mental clarity after only a week or two. Mood swings that are caused by sugar highs and their subsequent crashes will become a problem of the past, too.

You’ll sleep better

Desserts spelled backwards is stressed, and I must warn you that’s how you will likely feel after reading this paragraph. That block of chocolate you just devoured before bed could be the reason you can’t get a good night’s rest. Late night sugar splurges can cause low blood sugar and trigger night sweats whilst also bolstering stress hormones, setting you up for one lousy night’s sleep. Craving an interrupted trip to la-la land? Trade that spoonful of sugar for a cup of water instead.

If you are concerned about your health, wellbeing or sleep, your first port of call should be your GP, who will advise a correct treatment plan.

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