15 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Extra Cozy for Winter

A new season provides an exciting opportunity to update your home to suit the mood. And with the cooler weather well and truly here, it might be time to make a few adjustments and add some essential winter items to your home to help you feel comfortable, safe and secure.  

Making your home cozy does not mean adding more clutter. However, the right amount of additional stuff – good stuff, useful stuff, stuff that makes you feel happy – can make all the difference. 

From layered rugs to clusters of wall art, these 15 simple changes will make your home more cozy for winter.

How to Make Your Home Extra Cozy for Winter

1. Lighting

Lighting is the easiest way towards making your home more cozy. Step 1: If any of the lightbulbs anywhere in your home are cool white, replace them with warm white bulbs. Never buy cool-tone bulbs again. Step 2: Save overhead lights for emergencies (lost keys, fiddling with cables at the back of the TV) and invest in a collection of lamps instead. Consider the placement of each lamp and remember that rather than a lamp right next to your bed or sofa, it's the indirect light sources that do most of the work in making a room warm and inviting.

2. Soft furnishings

Right now, when it comes to cushions and blankets, adopt a more is more mindset. Where possible, invest in quality fabrics – 100% wool or wool blend blankets, 100% linen throws, and soft oversized cushions made with hypoallergenic filling. If your stuff is made to last, it's better for the environment and for your wallet. If you're lacking storage space, consider replacing your coffee table with a storage ottoman.

3. Candles and incense

Scent is a powerful tool in the psychological self-manipulation it sometimes takes to relax the mind. It's also a great way to connect with your personal space and make it your own. The best fragrance delivery tools are candles and incense – just keep them at a safe distance from any flammable soft furnishings. Choose a scent that puts you at ease, and light it up when you feel discombobulated or when it's time to wind down. 

4. Wood

Accents of wood are a great way to warm up the aesthetic of a room. Replace one of the larger non-wood pieces of furniture in your home with something made from warm-toned wood to really make a difference. Cherry, mahogany, hickory are naturally warm whereas ash, maple, poplar and pine are cooler, but your eyes are probably the best way to test the temperature yourself. If you're a homeowner or in the market for a new rental, wooden walls will make you feel like you're in a log cabin.

5. Upholstered tables

Warm-toned wood and natural stone are both effective materials when it comes to cozy-making at home, but have you considered upholstered furniture? A fabric-covered coffee table or bench feels extra cozy.

6. Bed linen

We've said it before and we're going to keep saying it: good quality bed linen that is also aesthetically appealing is an excellent way to ensure your bed – and your "home" more generally – is a positive, inviting, and healthy place for you to be. Customise your bedding by choosing your own color combo in our Build Your Own Bundle.

7. Layered rugs

Whether your floors are carpeted, hardwood, or tiled, layering multiple rugs in the key areas of each room adds texture and can have an anchoring effect. Now is the time to mix and match, both in terms of color and texture. Think: short-pile room rug underneath with smaller shag rug on top. Combine periods as well – a short-pile jute rug with a classic red Moroccan or Indian rug will feel perfectly mis-matched. Or, go wild with clashing patterns and bright colors. If you need some balance, keep furniture surfaces clean and relatively clear.

8. Texture

Like rug layering, a variety of textures on walls and surfaces will help to soften a room and draw you in. Hang a wall tapestry, place a lambskin rug on an arm chair or a mohair blanket over the back of the couch, or hang a textured oil painting to add more dimension to any room. Invite objects that make you want to touch them. This isn't a museum – it's your safe space.

9. Cooking

What's better than cooking (and eating) a delicious meal in winter? Not much. Make it an event and start in the afternoon – if you let it, cooking can help boost your mood. It's also a grounding activity that gets you out of your own head while also connecting with your body. The right recipe will also make your home smell amazing.

10. Bright colors

A cozy home needn't be all neutrals and plush throw pillows. Bringing bright colors into your living room is a perfect way to brighten your mood and make your home a friendly place to get through winter.

11. Colored walls

If you're able, new wall paint is an excellent way to make your home feel cozy. If you're game, navy, burgundy or forest green will provide the perfect base for a "1970s book-filled new York apartment" vibe. For something more subtle, replace your off white wall paint with a warmer beige or diluted saffron. With a warmer wall color, you'll be able to leave the rest of your décor as is and still fill cosier in an instant.

12. Art objects

A beautiful incense holder, a unique lamp, a stone tray to hold trinkets, a deck of tarot cards, or a sculpture that serves no function beyond aesthetics – placing objects you love around your home is ideal for creating a warm, personal, inviting atmosphere.

13. OTT wall art (at eye level)

Hanging paintings, prints, and photographs does so much for any room. Wall art adds texture, interest, personalisation and vibrancy. Hang your frames at eye level for maximum cosiness.

14. Organic objects

Plants, flowers, shells, crystals and stones go a long way to softening up your home décor. Living things – that's plants – literally add new life to a room, and can help to purify the air (which is of great assistance when you rarely leave the house or it's too cold for open windows).

15. Optimize your seating

We spend a lot of time each day sitting down, so it's worth ensuring your seating arrangement and options are conducive to comfort and focus on whatever task you're tackling (yes, streaming TV shows is considered a task).

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