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Make your choice easy with our best-selling combinations perfected by 700,000+ happy sleepers.

From $630.00 (Regular price) $504.00 USD (Discounted price)
Bundle 20% off
4.9 out of 5, from 4673 reviews
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Bedding Sets

Perfect if you’re after a singular bedding color, and prefer to sleep without a flat sheet.

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Sheet Sets

An easy way to update your bedding look, and preferred by hot sleepers who don’t use a duvet.

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Linen FAQs

What is flax linen?

Flax linen is a plant-derived material that originates from flax or linum usitatissimum. Your sheets start life as a cellulose fiber in the stem of the flax plant (also known as a bast fiber) which is harvested before being spun into fabric. This process of recovering a fiber from the inner bark of a plant is similar to how we might extract hemp or rattan.

How is linen different to other fabrics?

Linen outperforms traditional manchesters in a number of respects. Boasting incredible tensile strength, it's more durable and hardwearing compared to cotton or wool. In fact, linen is one of the strongest natural fibres there is, approximately 30% thicker and stronger than cotton. Unlike machine woven cotton which can succumb to wear and tear over time, flax linen actually improves with age and benefits from a low maintenance approach to care–yes, that means no ironing or dry cleaning necessary.`

Should I purchase my bedding as separates, sets, or bundles?

We offer a number of ways to shop our bedding. Looking to replace a sheet, valance, duvet cover or pillowcases? With separates you can update individual pieces, anytime. If you'd rather buy a few bedding items at once, our Bedding Sets are great for those who want a uniform color look and prefer sleeping without a flat sheet. On the other hand, Sheet Sets are often preferred by hot sleepers who don't use a duvet. But if you want the complete package, plus the option to customise your linen colors in any combination of your choosing, try our best value Bedding Bundles that come with an in-built 20% discount.

Is linen bedding right for me?

Linen truly is for everyone. Whether you want to elevate your space with its perfectly undone look, improve the quality of your sleep, invest in quality sheets that will last, or reduce the environmental impact of your bedding, linen will tick more than one box for most. Linen's in-built temperature-regulating abilities mean it is the perfect fit for both hot and cool sleepers, plus it's anti-static and anti-bacterial too, making it an ideal choice for anyone with skin sensitivities.

What linen colours should I choose?

Choosing your dream linen colors can be a tough decision–we spend so much time in bed, after all. We suggest thinking about colors you love to wear and those that make regular appearances in your wardrobe or home. Then it's a case of figuring out what could suit your space (consider available natural light and the size of your room) and deciding whether you'd want to mix and match colors. The easiest way to visualize it all is with our Build Your Own Bundle tool–play around with different color selections and watch your dream bed take shape.

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