10 Biggest Bedroom Decorating Mistakes Stylists Want You to Stop Making

If you've ever stepped into the bedroom of a hotel and thought "why doesn't my bedroom look like this?", then this might just be the guide for you.   

Interior designers are experts at carefully curating a bedroom so that everything is perfectly proportioned, comfortable, and above all, stylish. When it comes to our own boudoir though, things can lean a tad too much towards the practical side (anyone else have a clothes chair?). 

We're here to call out the decorating mistakes people commonly make when it comes to their bedroom and show you how to create a heavenly space that will rival even the most luxurious hotel suites.

10 biggest bedroom decorating mistakes stylists want you to stop making

1. The bed is too big

Sure, a California king would be nice, but unless you're working with some serious floor space, that's just not realistic in most cases. A lot of bedrooms in modern homes are cozy to say the least, which means selecting a bed that will fit correctly is vital. Bulky bed frames can make things even tighter, so consider a streamlined ensemble if you're working within cramped quarters.

2. Only using ceiling lights

Besides the obvious (they're unflattering), ceiling lights are made to be as bright as possible for practical purposes. They weren't, however, designed to be your one and only source of light in the bedroom. There's nothing worse than your partner waking up early and having to illuminate the entire room because there are no lamps or wall lights to use. Ambient lighting helps with transitioning to sleep, is great for reading, and creates a generally more relaxed (and romantic) atmosphere.

3. Not investing in bed linen

That bargain sheet set that you keep replacing every other month is not only inconvenient and impractical, but it's also completely wasteful. You've heard us say it before, but we'll continue shouting it from the rooftops—you spend one-third of your life between the sheets so you need to invest in quality bed linen that you'll keep for years. Our 100% French flax options are a perfect place to start.

4. No sign of life

Does your bedroom look like a ward in a hospital (aka completely stale)? Minimalism is great and all, but a houseplant here or there does wonders to elevate your bedroom sanctuary. You'd be surprised at what even just a few blooms in a vase can do to lift the spirits and breathe life back into a room.

5. Too many cushions

Controversial, I know. The bed cushion debate has been raging for as long as humans have been domesticated, with some people layering decorative cushions on like nobody's business before removing them to sleep. One or two extra cushions can definitely enhance the overall aesthetic of the room, but if they restrict you from even getting on the bed, it's time to cull. For cushion lovers, rotate your favorites each season and store the rest away.

6. Nowhere to sit

No, the bed doesn't count. Your bed should be reserved only for sleep time activities—not for dinner, work or study. It's nice to have a separate area to sit in a bedroom, so consider adding an armchair or small desk to establish clear zones for sleep and other activities. For small bedroom dwellers, consider swapping a bedside table for a chair or multipurpose stool.

7. Electronics

Just as you should avoid eating and working in bed, your bedroom should serve as a tech-free zone. We know the effects that our phones and the television have on our brains when it comes time to snooze, so avoiding the temptation completely by removing electronic devices from the bedroom is the best way to maintain a state of zen.

8. Forgetting fragrance

Our sense of smell is really important when it comes to relaxation, with particular fragrances exciting our senses and drawing on memories from our lives. One of the easiest ways to shake off the day is to light a candle, burn some incense or plug in an oil diffuser to fill the air. Choose a scent that makes you feel happy such as lavender or eucalyptus.

9. Too matchy-matchy

Consistency is good, but a bedroom that looks like it's been transported straight from the showroom floor isn't so exciting. Mix things up with bedside tables made of different materials, for example, glass and timber, or contrast your sheet color to your duvet (build your own set here). If there's a room that doesn't need to take itself so seriously, it's the bedroom.

10. No rug

If you haven't been introduced to the luxurious sensation of waking up and feeling a soft rug underfoot as you glide out of bed, you're missing out. Especially important for those with timber or tiled floors, a simple wool or jute rug amps up the cozy factor in the bedroom and makes things look and feel a bit more 'grown up'.

11. Lacking personality

Your bedroom is a private space, somewhere you go to recharge your mind and body. It's important to surround yourself with the things that make you the happiest, whether that's a piece of jewelery or a special photo frame. At the end of the day, you're decorating for yourself, so bring those personal mementos out of the cupboard and make a feature of them.

Want more like this? Here are 9 simple ways to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.

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