Here's Why Clay Masks Are One of 2020’s Best Beauty Trends

There’s always a fancy new beauty trend flooding our social media feeds. Fox eye makeup, collagen powders, and crystal facial tools are just the tip of the iceberg of what we’ve seen from 2020 so far. But probably one of the most well-deserved trends in the mix is the rise of the clay mask.

Is it new? Absolutely not. Clay masks have been around for centuries. Word has it OG beauty queen Cleopatra used a dead sea mud mask twice a week to keep her skin in top shape. Smart gal.

So why are they suddenly having a big 2020 moment? Well, we’d hazard a guess that our friend, a small global pandemic called COVID-19, and the resulting iso skin that’s come from stress, being indoors more, and regular mask-wearing - combined with some truly excellent formulations hitting the market - has played a part in helping people realise how worthwhile it is to have a clay mask in their skin routine.

Not up to speed with what’s so good about a clay mask? Allow us to enlighten you.

What is a clay mask?

As you may be able to gather from its name, a clay mask features clay as its hero ingredient. Typically this is kaolin, bentonite, rhassoul, red, white, or green, depending on what skin type and concerns the particular mask is targeting.

What are the benefits of a clay mask?

Clay is an ingredient that detoxifies skin and helps draw out impurities, so used as part of a masking routine can really help tackle congestion, blackheads, pimples and breakouts, enlarged pores, oiliness, and shine.  Some clay ingredients are also really good for dry skin and treating redness.

Some of the other excellent side effects of having skin that’s clearer and cleaner include a brighter,  smoother complexion. This is why it’s such a great product to use when your skin is breaking out, looking a little dull, and in need of some pep.

Also, let’s not forget the value of a little self-care moment while you wait for the magic of the clay to do its work. Even a few minutes of time-out from your phone, emails, work, and other stressors can have huge benefits for your mind and body.  

How do I use a clay mask?

Because clay can be quite a drying ingredient, you shouldn't use it too frequently. If you overuse it, you could damage your skin barrier, which will leave you with more skin issues to deal with. Aim for twice a week, whenever you’ve got a spare 10-15 up your sleeve.  Oh, and try avoid clay masking on days when you’re using other exfoliants like glycolic acid, lactic acid, or salicylic acid, as this can be too many drying ingredients for your skin.

In terms of where it fits into your routine, use it after cleansing, before using serums and moisturisers. You always want to use something nourishing after a clay mask to make sure your skin is hydrated. 

So as far as buzzy beauty trends go, we can hand-on-heart say this is one worth getting into. And while there are so many clay masks to choose from, there’s a very particular reason we love the Cosmic Glow Clay Face Mask & Brush from female-led and sustainability-focussed US brand Moon Bath. Besides the fact that it’s been created using natural ingredients, including Moroccan Rhassoul clay powder, that will work an absolute treat to balance, brighten, and calm skin, this brand is all about slowing down and enjoying the rituals of beauty. Something we could all probably do a bit more of.

Explore our new range of bath and beauty products at Bed Threads now.

Want more skincare tips? Try this simple nighttime routine for glowing skin. 


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