Our Giving Back Promise: Bed Threads Donates $1 from Every Sale to a Life-Changing Project

Alarmingly, there is still thirty per cent of the world's population who struggle to live off only $1 per day. At the same time, some of our planet's most miraculous natural wonders are under threat from the effects of climate change. There's also a staggering amount of women and children who face each night with uncertainty due to violence or drawn-out processes when seeking asylum. These issues facing our planet and its people are huge and widespread, but we're glad that there are initiatives such as i=Change who are making it easier to give back to important charities and non-government organisations, weaving philanthropy into our everyday purchases. As a proudly carbon-neutral, natural brand, we're thrilled to be in partnership with this incredible organisation and its important projects.

You probably never thought that by shopping online you could have a meaningful impact on social issues and the environment, but here's the fantastic news— every time you make a purchase with us at Bed Threads, you have the power to donate $1 to one of three causes that will make a very real difference to lives of women, asylum seekers and our very own precious Great Barrier Reef. Since partnering with i=Change, we are extremely proud of our loyal customers for raising almost ten thousand dollars for these projects, with i=Change's total funds raised pushing 1.5 million dollars currently. It's extremely important to us that we give back to charities in need, and we couldn't have done it without you, our beautiful customers.

We've linked up with three charities that we are passionate about providing continued support to, and they include restoring the reef with Greening Australia, giving shelter with The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and finally protecting a woman with Womens Community Shelters. Whenever you make a purchase with us, you get to choose which of these charities receives your dollar donation to continue their incredible and tireless efforts to protect our most vulnerable people and natural sites in the country. After that, you're actually able to track in real-time how your donation helps to raise the total for each cause and learn more about how the funds raised are directly benefiting those who need it most. There is a policy of complete transparency with i=Change which is why we love partnering with them. You can be guaranteed that your donation reaches the charity in full—no deductions or fees are applied.

Another reason that we're excited about our partnership with i=Change is that a high proportion of their chosen projects are dedicated to supporting women and girls. To make sure that our society and world at large benefits from the impactful social and economic growth that women contribute, it's important to us that these organisations are invested in and given the opportunity to make meaningful change. By focusing on a smaller amount of projects, i=Change remains sustainable with the means to constantly improve and measure successes. Their long term commitment to these remarkable causes is admirable, and we are delighted to continue working alongside an organisation with mutual values and that is committed to effecting real change in the world.

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