These simple things can make or break your guest's experience.

| By Rachael Thompson | Interiors

Visitors Always Notice These 6 Things In Your Home

These simple things can make or break your guest's experience.

Welcoming guests into your home can be a great source of enjoyment and a special opportunity to create memorable experiences. But unlike your guests – particularly those who are first-timers – who don’t live in your home, you're accustomed to your surroundings and likely to overlook things that they don’t.

First impressions are important, and what guests first notice about your home can shape their overall feeling about being there. This doesn’t mean you need fancy items or to go out of your way to buy new things, but rather it means you can be aware of certain things that can make your home inviting and pleasant to be in. Because we've all been in situations where we've frantically been running around trying to make things look perfect right before our guests arrive.

If you're someone who hosts regularly or you plan on having friends or family over in the near future, consider these six things visitors typically notice when they go to someone's home so you can be prepared ahead of time. Warning: they might never want to leave!

2. Your entryway

Your entryway sets the tone for your house and is the first visual point for guests. If you have the means to dress this area up nicely with a chic side table and mirror above, a stylish floor runner, and a designated spot for guests to take off their shoes, it will make a big difference.

At the very least, ensure that this area is clean and as clutter-free as possible so that there's a clear direction for visitors to go. If you want full impact here, place a bunch of flowers on your hallway table too. 

Don't have an entryway? Fear not! Consider the first room your guests enter and do a quick audit of clutter or mess before they arrive.

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