6 Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Bedroom for the Perfect Winter Night’s Sleep

Sleeping in peak summer heat presents its obvious challenges (especially without AC), but clocking a solid eight hours once the temperatures drop can be difficult, too. From an egregious lack of humidity to frigid temps and itchy dry skin, there are countless factors that can impact sleep quality come winter.

Fortunately, there are a few relatively easy steps you can take to optimise your home and bedroom for the colder months. From a bedding and pyjama refresh to finding the perfect bedroom temp, these small tweaks can significantly prove your sleep quality from June through August.  

Ahead, find our proven tips to prep your space for a perfect winter night’s sleep.

How to Cozy Up Your Bedroom for the Perfect Winter Night’s Sleep

1. Refresh your bedding

First things first.  During winter, most of us layer quilts and blankets on our beds until we emulate a human burrito. But have you ever woken up clammy in the middle of the night courtesy of all those layers? Keeping toasty doesn't mean ending up covered in sweat—and this is where linen comes in. Linen is an extremely breathable fabric, making it great for both top and bottom sheets. By throwing a doona or blanket on top, you'll stay snug but perspiration-free.

If you're someone who really feels the cold, consider a duvet insert and duvet cover for added warmth and insulation. Additionally, consider a throw blanket in linen for an extra layer, and keep creature comforts like slippers and a cozy robe on-hand for the morning. 

2. Set the right temp

Regardless of season, the ideal temperature for sleep is 18 degrees celsius, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Toggle between 17 and 19 degrees until you find the perfect temp for your body, and consider installing an additional heating system inside your bedroom for accuracy and ease of use. Of course, be mindful of your bed’s proximity to windows — older windows especially may allow cold air to seep in and plummet your bedroom temp. 

3. Consider a humidifier 

Humidity drops considerably come wintertime, which can impact your skin, hair, and sleep quality. If you suffer from dry, cracked skin come winter or even chronic a condition like eczema or psoriasis (both of which can be triggered by dry, cold air), invest in a bedside humidifier. Adding moisture to the air can actually relieve dry skin, a scratchy throat, and an itchy scalp, in addition to warding off viruses and bacteria. Finally, if you have houseplants in your bedroom, they will relish the extra moisture. 

4. Invest in the right sleepwear

Ideally, setting the right bedroom temperature will take care of any body regulation issues. But investing in some cozy winter pyjamas can’t hurt, especially if you tend to run cold. A long-sleeved set in a breathable, soft material like flax linen is the perfect antidote to plummeting temps and sapped humidity (plus, you can wear the linen shirt with jeans during the daytime!). 

5. Lay down a proper rug

If you have wood or tiled flooring, a cozy rug is essential. Not only does it tie the design together, rugs make a space feel cozy and lived in (as opposed to unfinished and cold). This is an especially important consideration in a bedroom — who wants to wake up and step onto freezing cold tile first thing in the morning?

No matter what style you choose, make sure you select the right size — at the very least, the bottom two legs of your bed frame should sit comfortably on the rug. If you really want to cozy up the space, invest in an even larger rug that sits below your entire bed and nightstands.

6. Light a candle

Scent is a powerful tool that can effect our mood. They omit a warm glow that's perfect for the darker days and easily transform the ambience of a space. Opting for scents that help create a cocooning vibe in your home, like our Fireside candle with notes of oud, cedar leaf and star jasmine, is sure to create the cozy vibes and assist you in feeling a sense of calm before bed.

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